Tuesday, January 17, 2006

Welcome, Atrios fans!

Big hat tip to Duncan Black, for helping boost our traffic by directing so many Democrats to our site. With your help -- and Nancy Pelosi’s nutty “culture of corruption” campaign strategy -- maybe we’ll sell so many books that we’ll be as rich as … well, as rich as Nancy Pelosi.

And it’s very kind of Mr. Black to urge his friends to “be nice,” although as the first round of comments suggest, some Democrats’ ideas of being nice include threats of violence, obscenities, ad hominems, insulting non sequiturs, fallacies of construction and just about every other forensic error one might care to name. (I was a notorious goof-off in college, but did manage to ace “Introduction to Logic.”)

And now that J.C. has taken back his mistaken interpretation of events, I've had second thoughts about the brilliant rant that was here. But I'm sure Duncan kept a copy (hopefully, after I'd edited out the silly typos), and so now you know why my friends never say, "Gee, Stacy, why don't you tell us how you really feel?"


(P.S.: Despite my middle name being "Stacy," I am male, married and the father of 6 children, so the commenters offering "slut/whore" type of ad-hominem are kind of silly.)

UPDATE: We're here to promote Donkey Cons, not Michelle Malkin's Unhinged, but it's easy to see the same syndrome at work. Of course, Democrats never tire of portraying Republicans as racist, sexist, homophobic, etc. But if you make Democrats angry, they'll unleash every slur in the book at you. So Mrs. Malkin -- a devoted mother of two, who graciously let me invite myself to lunch when I interviewed her at her family's home -- is slammed with vile, demeaning epithets by Democrats who seem obsessed by her race (she calls them "misogynistic moonbats with Asian whore fixations" ), and also gets the occasional anti-Semitic remark because her husband Jesse is Jewish.

Meanwhile, having convinced themselves that I'm some kind of David Duke wannabe, Atrios readers who accuse me of being an evil racist see no irony at all in using anti-Asian and homophobic slurs to blast me as working for a "Moonie" newspaper. Commenter "djangone" posts: "You got any kind of problem earning your from donations to Sun Myung Moon? When you spend it, do you say a little prayer for the undying sould of the glorious one? What an enviable position you have, official tea-bagger to a yellow-skinned cult leader. Must make your parents so proud."

Come on, Dems, which is it? Are you going to hate me because you think I'm a Nazi, or are you going to hate me because you think I perform homosexual acts with Asian-American religious activists? Or are you saying that it's a good thing to be an "official tea-bagger to a yellow-skinned cult leader"? Because I'm pretty sure that if I said such things, I'd be accused of racism and homophobia. But maybe I've misunderstood. I'm sure future commenters will clarify the Atrios-reader principles of rhetoric.

-- MCCAIN 1/18/06

UPDATE: Yep, you were right. It was only a matter of time before we had to disable the comment fields. Moonbats will henceforth have to use their own bandwidth to smear the book. But thanks for the lesson, guys. Always glad to be a scarecrow to divert attention away from the VRWC's secret weapon, that notorious hater Fred Barnes. (Remember: In-tay oil-fay!)

-- McCAIN 1/23/06