Sunday, February 19, 2006

Hire 'em all

The office of Chicago's inspector general received 3,000 applications for 17 investigative job openings -- 176 applications for every vacancy:

"We were surprised at the high volume. It tells me people want to come work here," said Inspector General David Hoffman.
"Part of it is my appointment was in the news. That had people paying attention to the office and what it had the potential to do. People are inspired to be part of a team that can make a difference." ...

Daley's 2006 budget handed the inspector general a 40 percent pay raise -- to $149,940-a-year -- and increased Hoffman's budget by 27 percent. There was no increase in the 51-employee staff, but Hoffman was authorized to fill vacancies that make up 35 percent of his staff.

Hoffman is a former federal prosecutor. But I predict he wouldn't be able to clean up the corruption in Chicago if he had the budget to hire all 3,000 applicants. Chicago has been a corrupt one-party Democrat-controlled town for over 50 years. And it is amazing that while Mayor Daley was surrounded by corruption -- the local Democratic machine was deeply involved in the "hired truck" scandal -- people in Chicago think that Daley's appointment of Hoffman will clean up the problem.

How long before the Chicago machine takes control of the inspector general's office, installs its stooge in the top job and turns the other positions into the IG's office into "no-show" jobs for party loyalists?