Sunday, February 26, 2006

Incompetence of Ohio Dems

OK, first Ohio Democrats chased war hero Paul Hackett out of the Senate race. Now they've fumbled away a congressional seat:

A Democratic candidate considered the party's best hope to hold onto a key House seat from Ohio failed to collect enough signatures to qualify for the party primary.
A county election board ruled Wednesday in Lisbon, Ohio, that state Sen. Charlie Wilson had only 46 valid signatures on his petition for candidacy, four shy of the 50 he needed to qualify for the race. ...

After incumbent Rep. Ted Strickland decided to run for governor, national Republicans targeted the race as their best chance to pick up a House seat in what promises to be a tough year for the party.

Dude! You can't even get 50 valid signatures in a congressional district with over 500,000 citizens? LOL!

Democrats are talking about appealing the decision, but they might not want to invite too much legal scrutiny of the situation. In trying to get Wilson qualified, the Dems may have violated state election law, State of the Union reports:

"For the past week, Ohio Democrats have been running around threatening to make sure state election laws were enforced in an effort to knock our candidates off the ballot," said Ohio Republican Party Chairman Bob Bennett. "Now they find themselves in a situation where campaign laws were clearly violated, and they’re trying to cover their tracks. For a party that talks a lot about a culture of corruption, the Democrats are engaging in some pretty corrupt behavior here.”

Gee, and I thought the GOP was the Stupid Party!