Friday, February 17, 2006

Latest rant from "Jihad Cindy" McKinney

Rep. Cynthia McKinney (D-Palestine) goes on Bolshevik Radio to rant about Katrina:
But as a result of the work that the Katrina panel did, we at least know more now than we knew before. And what do we know? What's on the congressional record now as a result of the work of the Katrina panel is that President Bush was on vacation at the Texas ranch; Vice President Cheney was fly-fishing in Wyoming; Condoleezza Rice was in New York City where she took in a play, went shopping, and played tennis with Monica Seles; Donald Rumsfeld was at a San Diego Padres game; and Michael Chertoff, the man whose job it was to manage our country's resources and organize the response to this horrific hurricane, didn't even know he was in charge and decided to stay home. Yes, I call for his resignation, too.
And where was Cynthia McKinney that weekend? I don't know. But it's a good bet she wasn't worrying about her district. She's worried about Haiti, she's worried about Tupac Shakur, she's worried about the Palestinians, she's signing petitions for Mumia and Tookie, she's blamed Bush for 9/11 and took campaign contributions from radical Muslims, she gets 3/4 of her campaign contributions from out-of-state donors -- hey, Cynthia, have you ever thought of worrying about people in Georgia for a change?

To know her is to loathe her. The media man who knows McKinney best is long-time Atlanta talk show host Neal Boortz, who refers to her as "Jihad Cindy," "Cynthia Al-McKinney" and "the cutest little Islamic jihadist."

But ... But, dangerous crackpot though she may be, Jihad Cindy is the kind of loose cannon who occasionally fires a shot at her fellow Democrats, for instance:
Everyone knows, in actuality, that the 9/11 Commission was what was actually a sham. And yesterday, in public open session the House Armed Services committee heard testimony about Able Danger, and from three witnesses who testified, they said that if they had been allowed to do their work that that work could possibly have prevented 9/11. And this is the same team of people whose work was called historically insignificant by Dr. Zelikow and whose work Louis Freeh said that if he had had that information, could also quite possibly have saved this country the trauma of 9/11. Now, Dr. Zelikow made a judgment to bury the work of the Able Danger team. And so, for the Democrats to hold the 9/11 Commission up as a model is quite honestly ludicrous. What the American people know after the 9/11 Commission is that they can't trust that particular independent commission to tell them the truth.

McKinney is kind of steamed at the Democratic House leadership because in 2002, they pretty much turned their back on her when she got beat by Denise Majette in the Democratic primary. And after she won her seat back in 2004, the leadership refused to restore her seniority -- so now she's a "freshman" with four terms in Congress, as she complained to Bolshevik Radio's Amy Goodman:
There were three former members, who were in my returning class, sworn in in 1995. There was Dan Lundgren from California, who had been out for 16 years. When he came back, the Republican leadership gave him back his seniority as if he had not missed one day. There was Bob Inglis from South Carolina, who had been out for two years. When he came back, the Republican leadership gave him his seniority as if he had not missed one day. The Democratic leadership, Nancy Pelosi, refused to give me back my seniority, even though I asked for it, and so I returned as a returning freshman.

Nobody with any sense has ever taken McKinney seriously -- she only got a seat in Congress because her father, Billy McKinney, was a big Democratic power-broker in Atlanta -- but you get the feeling that one of these days she's bound do something that will be an even bigger embarassment for Democrats than her ties to radical Islam.