Thursday, February 16, 2006

The political is (very) personal

Cynical Nation was kind enough to put us on his blog roll, and even though he's an anti-Coulter McCain-iac, this post about Nora Ephron is ROTFLMAO funny. (Obscene language warning!)

To add our own deconstruction, Nora Ephron is like a bad hangover from an all-night Freudian kegger: Everything is about sex. Or your mother. Or sex with your mother. Or father. Sex sex sex.

Hey, Nora: Speak for yourself, OK? Freud was wrong about almost everything. No data is available to support his theory of (drawing one out of our hat now) penis envy. Oedipus complex? No evidence. The meaning of dreams? He invented that from whole cloth and without a scintilla of scientific validation. Freudian theory is about as scientific as Haitian voodoo, and probably much more harmful.

Voltaire (French intellectual warning!) once said that mankind would never be free until the last king was strangled with the entrails of the last priest. French poppycock, that.

I wonder what Voltaire might say if confronted with a Nora Ephron column? Perhaps that mankind would never be happy until the last armchair Freudian was strangled with the entrails of the last feminist pseudo-intellectual?

But don't blame us for such thoughts. Blame France.


UPDATE: Also added ACE OF SPADES to our "Blogger Buddies" list. We met at CPAC and he spent some time talking to my twin sons. He's funny, plus the Ace kept his powder dry when some other bloggers wanted to "disown" Coulter.