Saturday, February 18, 2006

Rep. Manwhore (D-Truck Stop)

At least he's an EX-prostitute, AP reports:

A man running for state representative acknowledged that he once worked as a prostitute but said he's turned his life around and doesn't regret his past.
Tom Malin, who has also sold Mary Kay cosmetics and now markets electricity, conceded that his illicit past could cost him the nomination in the March 7 Democratic primary. ...
On his campaign Web page, Malin said he is "committed to giving our families a voice in Austin, with a focus on education, the economy, and restoring a 'spirit of ethics' to our State House."

LOL! He was an independent contractor of sorts, negotiating service fees on a regular basis, so I suppose Tom Manwhore -- uh, I mean, Tom Malin -- knows something about the economy. And perhaps he's just the kind of voice that the people in state House District 108 want. Who is to say that, as an ex-rentboy, Mr. Malin would be any less ethical than any other Democrat in Austin?

But obviously, this revelation will hurt Mr. Malin in the Democratic primary, because prostitution is a form of capitalism, which Democrats oppose as "greed" -- and I bet he didn't pay taxes on his tricks, either. The Dallas Morning News reports:

The Web page touts the "hot uninhibited" services of a male escort identified as Todd Sharpe, displaying a blurry beefcake photo and listing a Dallas phone number. ...

Web pages that have been used to advertise the sexual services of "Todd Sharpe" say he previously worked in the New York City and Los Angeles areas. His rates ranged from $200 to $600, according to graphically detailed reviews from men whom the pages described as satisfied customers. ...

All the "Todd Sharpe" Web sites are now defunct. The Dallas Morning News found archived versions online after receiving a tip this week that Mr. Malin might have worked in the sex industry.
The tipster, a fellow gay Democrat who knew the candidate, said he had heard rumors about Mr. Malin's past but had no direct knowledge. He said he feared that if Mr. Malin won a primary race next month and the rumors turned out to be true, their political party would be embarrassed. The tipster asked not to be identified because he didn't want to be dragged into a political fight.

I'm glad the Democrat tipped off the press, because you can imagine the screams of "homophobia" if Republicans had been the ones to "out" Mr. Malin. Not that it was hard to figure out:

New York University- Graduate Studies in Musical Theatre.

Right. Not that there's anything wrong with that. And even with the revelations of his past life as "Todd Sharpe," keeping his customers "satisfied" for as little as $200, Mr. Malin still has his supporters:
Former Dallas County Democratic chairwoman Susan Hays, a Malin supporter, said the candidate told her about his past in the buffet line of a local restaurant.
"He kind of amazed me," she said. "He's been a mess, but righted himself. He's got more honesty and energy than his Democratic opponent and [Republican incumbent state Rep.] Dan Branch."

Attagirl, Susan! That's what we love about you Democrats: You're such excellent judges of character!


UPDATE: Fearing that I might be having a "Coulter moment," my co-author called me to express concern that calling somebody a "manwhore" might be considered offensive. I explained to Lynn that Democrats wouldn't mind because they consider prostitution a constitutional right. Republicans are sometimes narrow-minded and intolerant. But in recent years, some of us "compassionate conservates" have come to take a different view of the "manwhore" profession. This is largely due to the educational work done by manwhore activist Rob Schneider, in his "Deuce Bigalow" film series.

So, let this be a lesson to everyone: Don't be too quick to judge. Even my friend and co-author, Lynn, leapt to the erroneous conclusion that when I called Tom Malin a "manwhore," that this term was meant in a negative, defamatory way -- that I was being judgmental toward this former sex-industry professional. But as a capitalist, I figure Mr. Malin and his former manwhore colleagues are being unfairly condemned because they sought to make a profit doing what Monica Lewinsky did for free. And even the Religious Right sometimes overlooks this basic distinction: The Bible doesn't judge sexual sin according to our view. Rather, according to the Bible, there are exactly two kinds of sex: (1) between husband and wife, and (b) sin.

So whether it's "straight" sin or gay sin, amateur or professional, sin is sin. Monica Lewinsky's heterosexual amateurism is therefore no more praiseworthy than Tom Malin's homosexual professionalism. There's married on the one hand and there's sin on the other, and all sin is hated by God. I don't often get up on my high preachy podium this way, but felt like this was a "teachable moment."

Anytime you have sex outside biblical marriage, you're no better than "Todd Sharpe" -- providing "hot, uninhibited" sex to his "satisfied customers" -- and at least he was willing to take his chances in the free market. Some of you guys out there screwing around are lucky to be able to give it away; if you tried the manwhore business, you'd find out real quick just how worthless you are. I mean, can you see Bill Clinton standing on a street corner?

UPDATE II: Clayton Cramer observes: "Of course, there's a difference between, 'stupid things you did a long time ago' and 'stupid things you did which had a webpage.' " True. As I recall, similar things have happened to a Republican politician in Virginia and to the unfortunate "Jeff Gannon." Cruising for action via the Internet has so many obvious hazards I'm surprised it's as popular as it is, especially among politicos.

Clayton theorizes that "at least some people end up as homosexuals" because of child abuse, and notes that Malin reportedly has such a background. Of course, I'm not an expert and can't evaluate such a theory. But if a layman can offer a theory, how about this one: Mr. Malin is a self-pitying liar and feels the need to justify himself by claiming his childhood was a nightmare. (The James Frey story comes to mind.) There are plenty of people who grew up in troubled homes and yet don't end up prostituting themselves on the Internet (or on "Oprah"). I think the common excuse that "my dysfunctional family screwed me up" is a cop-out. And Malin strikes me as just the sort of drama queen who would exaggerate the horrors of his childhood in an effort to protect his inflated ego from the cognitive dissonance produced by feedback of abundant evidence that he's a sleazy scumbag.

Did growing up in an abusive, alcoholic home make Malin gay? I don't know. Bill Clinton came from such a background and isn't gay. But Bill is a world-class liar, egomaniac and bully.