Friday, February 17, 2006

Sid Vicious, film critic

Sidney Blumenthal, who knows a thing or two about scandals, concludes an article in Der Spiegel by comparing the Cheney quail-hunting accident to a French film made 67 years ago:
The curiosities surrounding the vice president's accident have created a contemporary version of "The Rules of the Game" with a Texas twist. In Jean Renoir's 1939 film, politicians and aristocrats mingle at a country house in France over a long weekend, during which a merciless hunt ends with a tragic shooting. Appearing on the eve of World War II, "The Rules of the Game" depicted a hypocritical, ruthless and decadent ruling class that made its own rules and led a society to the edge of catastrophe.
Gee, and the Democrats wonder why they have trouble connecting with the masses: Democrats put their spin in Der Spiegel and make allusions to old French films; Republicans put their spin in Field and Stream and make allusions to "Old Yeller."

As Instapundit might say, Heh. (Hat tip: Hugh Hewitt.)