Thursday, February 02, 2006

There's poking...then there's poking

Barney Frank may be catching up to Ted Kennedy in banking on the Democratic notion that America is a nation of amnesiacs. Kennedy, of course, with no apparent shame, named his dog "Splash," then wrote a children's book in which Splash tells the kiddies what Senator Ted does at the Capitol all day long (presumably apart from congratulating himself over martini lunches that he has for decades convinced Massachusetts voters that his frontal lobe still works.)

No sane or even minimally conscious person who once left a girl to suffocate in a Massachusetts pond would allow anything remotely related to water to be mentioned in connnection with his public life. Now Barney Frank joins Kennedy in the belief that being elected by hordes of poorly educated liberals means the rest of America suffers from amnesia, too. By a hefty margin, House Republicans this week voted to ban legislators-turned-lobbyists from the House gym, an admittedly piecemeal move, but a start nonetheless. The idea, of course, is to cut back on special interests sucking up to sweaty congressmen wearing shorts.

Which may be why Barney Frank thought the vote was silly (perhaps even counterproductive?) He poked fun at the new gym rule, and suggested Republicans should demand that former lawmakers step off the exercise equipment when an incumbent wants to use it. Frank apparently believes Americans don't remember that he was once brought up on ethics charges for poking fun *in* the House gym. Or maybe he was the one being poked. There was another man involved and we may never know who poked whom. Of course all this occurred in 1990, the same year Frank was censured by the House for well...lying...about fixing parking tickets for Steve Gobie, the male hooker Frank first hired to service him, then to drive him around town. Frank first paid Gobie eighty bucks a visit -- a crime in all 50 states. Frank later claimed that he didn't know Gobie had continued to moonlight as a hooker, turning Frank's Capitol townhouse into the Chicken Ranch East. Of course, Frank might have figured it out, if he'd only poked around a bit.