Friday, March 10, 2006

Anti-527 Democrats (irony alert)

They were for 527s before they were against them:

TALLAHASSEE -- Democratic legislators are demanding an end to the practice of lawmakers forming political committees supported by large checks from special interests and using that money for personal expenses such as meals, travel and cell phones.
Democrat-sponsored Senate and House bills would bar lawmakers, legislative candidates and statewide officials and candidates from raising or accepting money or coordinating with the so-called soft money committees, generally known as 527s or committees of continuous existence. A violation would be a third-degree felony. ...

Dozens of lawmakers, many of them Senate Republicans, have formed committees in recent years to finance bids for leadership posts, give money to colleagues' campaigns or expand their influence. Much of that money is solicited from special interests with a big stake in pending legislation.
"This is absolutely wrong," said Rep. Dan Gelber, D-Miami Beach. "You should not be able to take a bundle of cash."
As Lynn says, "Is it possible to die from irony?"

What were the biggest 527s in 2004? Who did Americans Coming Together support? What party did the Joint Victory Campaign support?

This is just like Democrats' fake outrage over "soft money" before McCain-Feingold. Democrats were always more heavily dependent on "soft money" than Republicans; the GOP has for decades far outpaced Democrats in small-donor "hard money" contributions. So when McCain-Feingold was passed (gee, I wonder who was behind that idea?) rich Dems just funneled their money into 527s. But now that the GOP has learned to play the game, oh, that's just so unfair!

Why do Democrats think they can still get away with this stuff? The MSM monopoly used to aid and abet such duplicity, and the Dems got intellectually lazy. But then An Army of Davids slew the mighty beast and I seem to recall something once said by Ken Layne.

Somebody please tell this to the St. Petersburg Times: "Dude, you are so fisked!"

And be sure to do something for the children.


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