Wednesday, March 22, 2006

Chicago election results

Apparently the new ballot system was confusing or the snowstorm in Chicago made it difficult for some dead Democrats to get to the polls in Tuesday's election. Or something:
Accusations of improprieties are flying in the race for Cook County Board president, as ballots will be counted by hand today in an effort to decide the winner.
Though challenger Forrest Claypool was holding a 53 percent lead with about 1/3 of all ballots counted, supporters of incumbent John Stroger are asking why so many of those uncounted ballots are from black precincts.
"Improprieties" -- in Chicago? Say it ain't so, Joe!

Remember: This is a Democratic primary. So if Stroger is a racist, he's a Democratic racist.

Meanwhile, in the suburban 6th Congressional District, Rahm "Hired Truck" Emanuel's handpicked candidate Tammy Duckworth was leading by just 700 votes with 89% of the precincts reporting. Duckworth, a carpetbagger brought into the district and lavished with big money from liberal activists across the country, had 43% of the vote to 41% for local Democratic businesswoman Christine Cegelis. Twice the money, 2% lead -- over Cegelis, the candidate who gave Rep. Henry Hyde the race of his life last time around. Sharp move, Rahm!

Of course, Emanuel himself cruised to victory with 83% of the vote -- a resounding vote of confidence in Rahm's ethics. And never mind all those guys in the Daley machine who've gone to prison for their role in helping elect the DCCC chairman to Congress.

UPDATE 7 a.m. EDT:

Duckworth wins by fewer than 1,200 votes, 43.8%-40.4% -- key cemetery precincts came through, eh, Rahm?

In the Democratic contest for Cook County Board president, as of 5:53 a.m. CDT, with 87% of precincts reporting, Stroger (52%) had a solid 20,000 lead over Claypool (48%) -- apparently the Stroger campaign's dead Democratic voters made it through the snowstorm better than did Claypool's dead Democrats.

But ... only 87% of the precincts counted at 6 a.m.? Hello? I'm glad this was a Democratic primary or they'd be screaming "disenfranchisement" and blaming Bush!

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