Wednesday, March 22, 2006

Crunchy animals

As mentioned previously, I did an interview with Rod Dreher, author of the new book, CRUNCHY CONS. Some conservatives (notably Jonah Goldberg) really slammed Rod's book. And a long discussion has ensued, including on National Review's blog devoted to the book, where Dreher brought up the issue of "animal welfare," based on the views of Matthew Scully.

It happened that I was eating my dinner at the time I was reading that blog, and it got me thinking: Maybe I am a "crunchy con," because I love animals -- especially when they're crunchy. Of course, I also like crunchy vegetables: crunchy french fries, crunch fried okra, crunch fried squash ...

And while I am all in favor of treating animals kindly (buy DONKEY CONS -- for the kittens), I have been known to become a bit impatient when I find the word "animal" next to "rights."


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