Friday, March 03, 2006

Democratic arson

Democrat drowning campaign aide: Business as usual.

Campaign aide torching Democrat's HQ: Unusual.
A campaign aide to [Georgia] Lt. Gov. Mark Taylor turned himself in today and admitted setting a fire in a building housing Taylor's campaign headquarters.
Josh White, 29, research director for Taylor's gubernatorial campaign, told investigators he was upset about failing to complete an assignment for the campaign, authorities said. ...

Rick Dent, a spokesman for Taylor, said the campaign's staff normally begins each work day with a conference call, and on Tuesday, White wasn't on the call, and didn't show up for work.
"That got our attention, because he's an extremely reliable employee," Dent said. ...
Dent said White was hired by the campaign last July, after previously working as a researcher with the state Democratic party.
"I think we're all stunned by what we've been through and what we've since discovered," Dent said. "There was nothing that we saw or heard in his background that would lead you to believe he would do something
of this sort
. If he was involved in any way, we would be absolutely stunned."

"Stunned"? C'mon, he worked for the Democratic Party. That's pretty suspicious, if you ask me.