Tuesday, March 14, 2006

Democrats Slaughter Ethics

Let's see, Howard Dean has squandered the DNC's budget and so Democrats don't have money to hire political operatives to gin up talking points. What to do?

Talk about ethics? Yes, let's do that, says the National Republican Congressional Committee. Republicans accuse Rep. Louise Slaughter, a New York Democrat, of violating House ethics rules by directing her staff to prepare a "report" on alleged Republican corruption -- then using the report to raise campaign cash.
Republicans say Slaughter, the ranking member of the House Rules Committee, is trying to raise money by using political propaganda that was prepared by House Rules Committee staffers and funded by the American taxpayer.
The propaganda masquerades as an official House Rules Committee staff report, and Slaughter mentions it in a fund-raising email she sent out this week. The email begins, "Last week, my office from the House Rules Committee released a report, 'America for Sale: The Cost of Republican Corruption.'" Slaughter includes a link to the "report" in her email message, along with a link for

Likewise, the Democrat Congressional Campaign Committee began a recent fundraising newsletter by referring to the same "report." ... After summarizing the report's findings, the DCCC invites recipients to "contribute for change."

Is it any wonder why the Democrats have refused to let the House Ethics Committee meet for over a year?