Friday, March 17, 2006

For the kittens

Some time back, I explained why you should buy DONKEY CONS "for the children" -- our children, to be more specific. Lynn and her husband have two kids; my wife and I have six kids. So everytime you buy DONKEY CONS (and you should buy TWO copies), you're contributing to the well-being and happiness of eight wonderful children. It takes a village to raise a child and ... wow, I'm starting to sound like Sally Struthers or something.

Unfortunately, the "for the children" message encountered difficulties. Namely, my wife, who didn't like having her daughter's photo on the Internet. Mrs. McCain has seen the TV reports about Internet predators, MySpace, etc., and .. well, she's a mom, you understand. So I deleted that message.

But it's not just children who will benefit every time you buy DONKEY CONS. There's also ... the kittens.

Yes, our cat recently had a litter of adorable little kittens. They're fluffy, fuzzy and just so doggone cute. Our family loves animals, especially cute, cuddly kittens like these. It would be a shame if we had to give them away ... or send them to the animal shelter. Our kids love to play with the kittens, but kittens have to eat, and cat food costs money. And so if you love cute little kittens -- and we know you do -- then buy DONKEY CONS. Go ahead, click the link and buy it now from Amazon. If you buy TWO copies, the shipping's free.

There now -- don't you feel better about yourself?


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