Friday, March 03, 2006

Future Ex-Democrats

Black Democrats warn their leadership not to take their votes for granted:

Black voters' loyalty to the Democratic Party is no longer a certainty in Maryland, especially among young independent voters, several black leaders say.
"We might be the last generation of unabashed loyalists to the Democratic Party," state Senate Majority Leader Nathaniel J. McFadden of Baltimore says. "The Democratic Party is no longer a monolith for the African-American community." ...
"The younger black demographic is not as tied in to the Democratic Party," says Robert Johnson, founder of Black Entertainment Television.

While chasing after new "victim" groups -- immigrants, gays, Wal-Mart shoppers, spotted owls -- to exploit shamelessly for political advantage in recent years, Democrats have been been ignoring African-American voters.

With strong statewide candidates like Michael Steele (MD), Ken Blackwell (OH) and Lynn Swann (PA), the GOP is finally in a position to make Democrats pay for this racial hubris in 2006. Whiny white liberals like Howard Dean, Rahm Emanuel, Nancy Pelosi and Harry Reid will have no one but themselves to blame if, on Nov. 8, "black Republicans" are to Democratic defeat what "values voters" were in 2004.

Prediction #1: A fresh round of "GOP = KKK" racial fearmongering by Democrats.

Prediction #2: It might not work this time.

Democrats have been crying "wolf" about evil Republicans for so long, that a growing number of African-Americans have seen through the Big Lie.

At the Conservative Political Action Committee (CPAC), I had the opportunity to talk to lots of black Republicans -- some of the most confident, cheerful conservatives you'll ever meet. They know what just about everybody else who follows American politics knows: In recent decades, Democrats have come to depend on getting over 90% of the black vote, in exactly the same way Democrats used to depend on blue-collar union voters. Black Republicans know that if the GOP could get just 20% of the black vote on a regular basis, the Democratic Party would be finished as a meaningful force in national politics. And 2006 could be a breakthrough year in that regard.

Dean & Co. would be fools to ignore this threat.

But even if the Dem leadership does pay attention to the peril posed by the black Republican movement, they might not be able to stem the tide with their tired old tactics of jumping up and down and screaming "racism." Georgia's Herman Cain -- a conservative millionaire who would now be Sen. Herman Cain, if the Rove White House hadn't backed notorious RINO Johnny Isaakson -- has aptly summarized the Democratic Party's approach to African Americans (and everybody else, for that matter): THEY THINK YOU'RE STUPID.


UPDATE: RNC Chief Ken Mehlman went to Michigan to promote black GOP recruiting, Michigan Conservative reports.