Saturday, March 04, 2006

Mayor Bill's Paris adventure

OK, last blog of the week about former Atlanta Mayor Bill Campbell.

In 1999, Campbell and one of his mistresses, former WSB-TV reporter Marion Brooks, took a trip to romantic Paris. The trip was paid for by United Water, a French company that later got an $80 million contract from the city.

Hizzoner's lover took along her camera, and her photos became part of the evidence presented by federal prosecutors in Campbell's corruption trial. The Atlanta Journal-Constitution has a photo album here.

Interesting tidbit about these photos, however. Remember how the media went crazy with the idea of photos showing President Bush with Jack Abramoff? What was that supposed to prove? The president gets his photo taken with lots of people, and no one has seriously alleged that Abramoff's tawdry casino hustle involved the White House. (Since George W. has never vetoed a single bill from Congress, it's hard to see the point of bribing Bush anyway. If you can bribe your bill through Congress, that's all that counts.)

On the other hand, guess who joined Bill Campbell and his mistress on their corrupt little jaunt to Paris? Wilson Lawrence "Larry" Wallace, the city's former chief operating officer, who's now serving four years in prison for bribery.

So if United Water also paid for a Paris trip for Larry Wallace -- a corrupt former city official who is also a close personal friend of Hizzoner -- doesn't that suggest ... something?

I'm just saying ...