Wednesday, March 08, 2006

Open season on Hillary

The market for anti-Hillary books is getting a bit crowded.

DONKEY CONS has plenty of stuff about Mrs. Clinton, but it's not about one person or one era or one scandal. It goes from Aaron Burr to Abramoff, 288 pages with more than 30 pages of end notes. We needed two full pages of the index just to list the members of Congress named in the text.

Two strong temptations must be resisted when writing a book about Democratic Party corruption: (a) Clinton Obsession Syndrome, and (b) Media Bias Syndrome. There were times during the writing of DONKEY CONS I would get upset at the blatant pro-Democrat biases of the media. I'd have to stop myself and say, "Wait! Bernie Golberg already wrote that book!"

Some Republicans have gotten obsessed with Hillary just the same as they got obsessed with George Soros in 2004 (or Vince Foster in 1993). The "bash Hillary" theme is going to be stale by the time 2008 arrives.