Sunday, March 19, 2006

Right and left, right and wrong

Jay Ambrose has a great column about the controversy over political correctness on campus:

[SUNY-Buffalo professor Lionel] Lewis tells us that the “biggest threat today to academic freedom may be David Horowitz,” the leftist-turned-conservative writer who is urging adoption of an Academic Bill of Rights by state legislatures and Congress. The American Association of University Professors contends that these rights would subject higher education to “political criteria” instead of “academic criteria,” which is 100 percent wrong. They would do the precise opposite. The rules would say you can’t hire, fire or promote because of political or religious beliefs, and that universities ought to expose students to a variety of “significant scholarly viewpoints.”
Go read the whole thing. Ambrose is correct that Horowitz's critics are accusing him of doing the exact opposite of what he's actually doing. Horowitz is trying to get politics out of the classroom, not trying to intrude politics into the classroom.

I keep reminding myself that we're here to promote DONKEY CONS (buy TWO), but if you haven't read David Horowitz's Radical Son, you ought to. Also recommended is Destructive Generation, by Horowitz and his old friend Peter Collier. And I recently interviewed Horowitz about his new book, The Professors.