Saturday, March 04, 2006

Shameless blog appeasers

Getting on Michelle Malkin's blogroll is, of course, every nuevo blogger's dreams. At DONKEY CONS, we count ourselves lucky that Michelle once linked our post on the "Message from Milwaukee".

Lately we've been wondering if Michelle is mad at us. She's not answering my e-mails. I figure she's just so busy -- probably a zillion other bloggers are trying to get her attention -- that she doesn't have time, even if she still likes me. (Similarly, Lynn's wondering why Hugh Hewitt stopped returning her calls.)

Blogger desperation is an ugly thing. You post something you think is really cool, then check your Technorati page and get that feeling, "If a tree blogs in the forest and nobody is there to trackback to it, did it really blog at all?" So then you try to get the attention of the Blog Stars and pray for some response. You blogroll them, and pray for reciprocation. I haven't figured out how to do trackbacks (though Basil has given me some hints I might try), so I can't make that work. Instead, I'm reduced to e-mailing out my blegs. It's a huge task, but through pesky persistence, I actually got one of my posts linked from Best of the Web Today. And then there was the whole "inside CPAC with Ann Coulter" trip.

Not content to blog unnoticed, Lance at Red State Rant is now shamelessly begging (here and here) to be added to Michelle Malkin's blogroll. It's a sad and pitiable act of self-degradation, as I hope Instapundit and Little Green Footballs will agree.

There needs to be a word for this kind of practice: Blogwhoring?

Speaking of which, the whole point of this blog is to promote DONKEY CONS -- see our "Annoy a Liberal" 2-for-1 special -- and I'm trying to get the book into the hands of as many bloggers as possible when it comes out April 4. (Ask Chris Short about this strategy.) If you're a blogger interested in reviewing the book, please send me an e-mail with your blog URL, and let's talk.


UPDATE: Just wanted to point out that, of course, I'm blogwhoring(TM) like crazy. And Red State Rant -- who has been blogging for three years -- is not a "nuevo blogger." I've just added Red State Rant to my blogroll and offered him a free book. This is what I like to call the "Abramoff strategy" of book promotion. If DONKEY CONS becomes a bestseller, I'm figuring we'll be flying bloggers to St. Andrews to promote the next one.