Thursday, April 06, 2006

After-action report: D+1

OK, to start with, a huge thanks to Jim Bohannon, one of the giants of the talk-radio medium. Two dog-tired authors went into Bohannon's studio at 11 p.m. Wednesday, following Gov. Kathleen Blanco of Louisiana (whose security detail is impressively muscular).

Jim is sharp, and forced both Lynn and I to think hard to deal with his tough questioning. Of course, it was only afterwards, as we walked to the car, that Lynn said, "OK, I just thought of the way to answer that question ...." Famous as a "militant moderate," Jim is a complete gentleman, and his producer Paul is a thorough professional. Easy to see why 300 stations coast-to-coast are proud to carry his program.

But ... wow. Were we wiped out, exhausted. Lynn had been bench-pressing her talking-points for weeks to get ready for her appearance on Fox "Dayside" -- a great, friendly crew at that show, she said -- then did a full hour with Michael Medved at 4 p.m. Medved totally gets the book, Lynn said, and he was doing his show remote from ... I want to say Grove City College, but I might have that wrong.

From there, Lynn hopped a train to D.C., where I met her at Union Station and drove her to her hotel. I got a cup of coffee while Lynn checked in. Then we drove over to M Street for the Bohannon appearance. But the exhaustion started kicking, and by the second half-hour of the show, we were summoning the final reserves of adrenaline just to keep our minds focused.


1. Seeing Lynn for the first time in over 20 years. How cool is that, huh?

2. Signing about a dozen copies of the book at the B. Dalton Bookseller in Union Station.

3. Reading Wednesday's Washington Times story on Tom DeLay stepping down. It's almost exactly what we predicted in Chapter 12 of Donkey Cons -- like the House Republicans had read the book. Some quotes:
"Because I care so deeply about this district and the people in it, I refuse to allow liberal Democrats an opportunity to steal this seat with a negative, personal campaign," he said. "As difficult as this decision has been for me, it's not going to be a great day for liberal Democrats, either. My loyalty to the Republican Party -- indeed, my love for the Republican Party -- has played no small part in this decision." ...

"With this decision, he has put the interests of others ahead of his own," said Rep. David Dreier, California Republican.
You just know Al Gore is thinking to himself: "If only Bill had been that smart in 1998 ...."

4. The surge of blog hits about 1 p.m. when we got a hat tip from Taranto at almost the exact same time Lynn went on Fox. You see why "providential" is one of Lynn's favorite words. We were getting over 150 visitors per hour for much of the afternoon.

5. A funny exchange between Lynn and me at Union Station, which was something (roughly) along these lines:

ME: "You know, I'm starting to feel sorry for Cynthia McKinney. ..."
SHE: "Are you off your meds again?"

Lynn's just ... so mean-spirited. LOL.

6. Watching the strong surge in the Amazon rankings. About 7 p.m., we hit #400 -- surpassing Bill Sammon's Strategery, then at #403 -- and last time I checked, we were at #134. And folks, trust me: You ain't seen nothin' yet!

7. Couple of new linkers: Reverse Spin (re: Duckworth, Emanuel and the Chicago Democrats' mess) and Relapsed Catholic (re: McKinney).

How exhausted am I? I'm drinking grape juice -- and I almost never do fruit. There won't be much time for blogging on Thursday (D+2), and it's way past my bedtime. I got up Wednesday at 2:45 a.m., and have to be up Thursday at 7 a.m. for another long day. The adrenaline reserves cannot be tapped endlessly, and I know I'm going to be grateful for a snoozy Sabbath.

We'll try to catch up the blog a good bit on Friday afternoon. And if some magazine publisher wants a nice long article on the necessary rigors of book promotion in the age of New Media ... well, maybe sometime in May, OK?

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