Friday, April 28, 2006

Blog-O-Rama 4-28

Rather than doing another Headline UpdateTM, today we'll give Tonto, Tarzan & Frankenstein a well-deserved break, and get a bit more verbose as we troll around the blogosphere.

Rush busted settles drug case
Outside the Beltway reports that Rush Limbaugh has turned himself in after an arrest warrant was issued related to his prescription drug use. He was booked and released on $3,000 bond. UPDATE: Brian Maloney clears away the media spin at the Radio Equalizer. This "arrest" is actually a plea deal that settles the case.

Mollohan's magic
Don Surber notices that the investigation into Al "Beach Boy" Mollohan seems to be getting more serious. (Surber's pushing for "Cheat River Al" as Mollohan's nom-de-scandal, but we're sticking to "Beach Boy.") The Other Paper mentions that, with Mollohan's troubles and DeLay's resignation, the Dems' hopes of recapturing the House have dimmed.

Blogdullah Al-Hakkar
Michelle Malkin reports that a Saudi-based hacker took down a blog server, thereby disabling numerous conservative blogs. More tolerance from the Religion of Peace! By the way, you'd be surprised how often we get hits from Middle Eastern ISPs from people searching for "donkey sex."

Air (Un-)America Update
Brian Maloney reports that Air America's already microscopic radio ratings have fallen still further. Maybe Al Franken & Co. can come up with some more brilliant publicity stunts -- like ripping off more money from children's charities -- to boost their numbers.

Israel Insight
Jiblog points out an excellent article about Israel by Michael Totten. I was dismayed by the comments of Lisa Goldman: "These people will never hurt me. They are my friends. They love me." There ought to be a word for this kind of suicidal myopia. How many times do the Islamofascists have to say, "We hate you and we want to kill you," before we believe them?

McKinney dodges blog bullet
Atlanta blogger Will Hinton says he's decided he can't afford to challenge Cynthia McKinney. Too bad. It might have been fun. (Remember, folks: I invented hatin' on Cynthia, I predicted her meltdown, and I was the first right-winger to stop hatin' on her.)

Jose, can you see?
Violence Worker notices that this whole Spanglish National Anthem thing is pushing buttons for a lot of Americans who've gotten fed up with illegal aliens.

Doug Bandow reports that the Klan has gotten a permit to rally at the national battlefield near Sharpsburg. (That's about 15 miles from my house, BTW. My great-grandfather fought at Sharpsburg -- the 13th Alabama was then part of Colquitt's brigade.) The KKK is a bad joke that's getting worse. Everybody knows it's a complete farce. Nowadays, if there's a KKK rally and five Klansmen show up, four of them will be undercover cops and the fifth will be an FBI agent.

Ralph Reed, cont'd
Erick at Peach Pundit reported — and has since pulled his report — that the contest between Ralph Reed and Casey Cagle seems to have split the College Republicans in Georgia. (Erick also says Democratic gubernatorial candidate Cathy Cox has a "deep, sultry, sexy voice." I'll think of a joke later.) Meanwhile, Cagle has written a letter to Georgia Republicans talking about Reed's "slash and burn" tactics: "Ralph’s record as a highly paid, DC lobbyist shows a pattern of deception, money laundering and hypocrisy. That pattern has now been exposed by every media outlet in the country – from the Washington Post to the AJC to conservative publications like World magazine and the Weekly Standard." Uh, Senator Cagle, you forgot to add, "... and in the excellent new book DONKEY CONS."

Bias? What bias?
Outside the Beltway reports that Jim VandeHei of the Other Paper doesn't like Fox News, and complained about having to watch it on Air Force One. Hint to Jim: You're on Air Force One, OK? I guarantee you there are, oh, 45,000 reporters in this country who would be glad to take your seat on Air Force One, if you get tired of watching Brian Kilmeade on "Fox and Friends." So sit down, shut up and have another donut.


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