Monday, April 10, 2006

Pentagon spying on us ... or THEM?

Holy wiretap, Batman! We’re being lurked by FiredogLake readers at the Pentagon!

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Military Intelligence spending 5 minutes on our site -- I guess I should feel honored but ... I don't. I'm with Bob Barr and the ACLU now: This government spying has got to be stopped!

Some initial thoughts:

1. Was this some union-protected federal government employee killing time on her lunch break? Or was this an authorized intelligence-gathering effort? Either way, I'm against it.

2. If this is intelligence-gathering ... on who? Is the Pentagon spying on left-wingers? Are they Googling for dirt on notorious right-wingers? What? Either way, it's Big Brother on the blogosphere, and it's scary.
(Digression: The Clinton administration once gave a million-dollar grant to a "counter-terrorism" program run by Mark Pitcavage, a narrow-minded, wide-assed history Ph.D from Ohio State whom I used to debate on Civil War bulletin boards. And they blame Bush for the pre-9/11 intelligence failures ....)

3. This is a far-reaching scandal. Bigger than Plame, bigger than NSA, spanning the full spectrum of political orientation:

Conservatives: "Browsing left-wing commie Bush-hater anti-war sites? Revoke their security clearance!"

Liberals: "Five freakin' minutes on the site of a notorious freakin' hater? Revoke their security clearance!"

Libertarians: "Wasting tax dollars browsing the freakin' blogosphere? Legalize drugs!"

Green Party: "The waste of precious natural resources! Vote Nader!"

Ted Kennedy: "Urrhh, waitress!"
Instapundit: "Heh."
Daily Kos: "Neocons!"
Farrakhan: "Jews!"
Sullivan: "That Pitcavage guy looks kind of familiar ..."
Hillary: "That Pitcavage guy looks kind of familiar ..."
Dubya: "That cartoon of Flanders is kind of funny."

This is going to be huge, I tell you -- mega-gi-normous!

I can picture the White House press conference tomorrow:

Q. Mr. President are you saying that the Pentagon is not spying on bloggers?
A. What I'm sayin' ... heh heh ... y'know, the evildoers, al-Qaeda, nukulur ... ah .. Strategery!

Q. Mr. President, now that you have mentioned the most important book of the 21st century, you may be aware that, according to inside sources, I'm getting my ass kicked in the Amazon rankings by that clumsy hack editor, Stacy McCain.
A. Was that a question, Bill?

Q. Oh, yes, excuse me. What are you and your heroic administration doing in the way of courageous, visionary and effective measures to protect innocent American children from DONKEY CONS, this dreadful menace to the nation's security?
A. Well, Bill, like I was telling you in our umpteenth Oval Office interview yesterday, I got someone on this thing, OK? I mean, Wolfie and Rummy were saying last night ....

Q. Mr. President! Mr. President!
A. Yes?

Q. David Gregory, NBC News! Smart and oh so sexy!
A. David, did you have a question?

Q. How do you like my new haircut?
A. It's not about you, David ....


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