Sunday, April 09, 2006

Welcome to Armageddon

Oh, sorry for the arch tone and ranting earlier, y'all. I get tired, I get angry, I rant. It happens.

I've once again taken down one of my anti-Atrios rants, but archived the whole crazy thing, just so I could reproduce it in full, if needed. One gets tired of these misleading cut-and-paste "ransom note" lies, y'know?

Dems: You're being scammed. I'm an ex-Democrat, and I get angry at myself sometimes for allowing myself to be so shamefully scammed all those years. It might be November before some of y'all get angry enough to start asking questions about the misallocation of resources, like the IAM boss did after 2004. (Previously discussed here.)

But you keep losing and losing, and at some point, you've got to ask yourself why. Don't you think the little one-minute hates that send you here are part of the reason?

UPDATE 4/10: OK, I'm having another Ned Flanders moment, y'all.

To our friends, thanks for the prayers, by the way. Providentially, I got a blessing this morning. Let me tell you a story about how this stuff happens:

Our publicist sends us schedules, regularly updated, listing the times, contact information, etc., for our media appearances. Max has a habit of identifying talk-show hosts of unknown political orientation thus: "Host is a raging liberal."

So I looked at my schedule for this week and, holy cow -- a murderer's row of raging liberals! Geezy-peezy! Just what I needed: The lefties blogging me as "David Duke's Secret Love Child" while I'm going on one liberal talk-show after another. Wonderful.

Anyway, I'm kind of expecting a long series of "Rick From Bethesda" ambushes: The left-wing equivalent of Sean Hannity "interviewing" Ward Churchill, y'see? And so I get up this morning, ready to meet the fury, and I call up the first guy and ... surprise! My host is a genial radio veteran, solidly conservative, who closes the interview by doing a kind of a Lou Dobbs thing on immigration. They want me to come back to do a current-events kind of talk.

I was all psyched for the Valley of Death, and instead it's milk and honey. Beautiful! And that, my friends, is how prayer is answered. So keep praying, because I know I'm going to need those angels.

Okely dokely!

(Hey, Rick and Bubba: Can't you boys give ol' Spacy Stacy some love, huh?)


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