Wednesday, May 17, 2006

Ann & Peter, sitting in a tree ...

** UPDATE 9 p.m. 5/18 **
In reading this over just now, I realized that my habitual sarcasm, fondness for inside jokes, and customary self-deprecating humor might be misinterpreted. I love Ann Coulter and am very grateful to Peter Brimelow. The people who hate them, hate me even worse (if possible). We now continue with our regularly-scheduled snarkfest. -- RSM
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Ann Coulter's got a crush on Peter Brimelow. Or something like that.

Just about the time I was starting to worry that somebody might make a big deal about my "links and ties" to Mr. Brimelow — for the record, I don't speak German and never learned to goosestep — here comes Ann, citing VDare and devoting an entire column to spanking El Presidente with Alien Nation.

Hey, Ann: Guess who really liked DONKEY CONS?

"Vividly written and witty."
-- Peter Brimelow
author of "Alien Nation"

Brimelow's writings on immigration got him banished from National Review.* Morris Dees' $100-million smear machine describes Brimelow as an "advocate of a whiter America" (that's a very bad thing, in case you didn't know) and has described VDare as part of "the racist right."

Since El Presidente has taken to denouncing patriotic Americans as "vigilantes," being praised by Mr. Brimelow can be a career hazard for conservatives. But now if I end up on the unemployment line, at least I have the comfort of knowing that Ann Coulter will be there with me ....

OK, not really. She'll still be on "Hannity & Colmes" and the New York Times bestseller list. But it's the thought that counts.


* -- The asterisk indicates that this is just my provincial understanding of the NR/Brimelow fallout. I'm not fully familiar with the details.


Ann's plug has given a huge boost to Alien Nation, the ranking of which went from #101,184 (5/17) to #9,088 (as of 3 a.m. 5/18) in about 8 hours. (Miss Coulter, have I ever told you how much I genuinely admire your work? And I know Lynn feels the same way, as she has told me so many, many times ....)

E.L. Frederick
's also blogging on Coulter's new column, apparently without realizing how she's jabbing the National Review gang in the ribs. ("C'mon, c'mon: Denounce me! Double-dog dare ya!")

Also blogging the latest Coulter column: Lady Jane at A Lady's Ruminations, Jason Gart , Roman Catholic Blog, Kevin and Patrick ...

This is so wickedly, subversively cool: Ann Coulter, one of the most famous faces of conservatism today, is leading untold thousands of her admirers to Brimelow and VDare! I hope this isn't lost on those of my paleo friends who had previously dismissed Coulter as a neo. I wonder if, in her next column, Ann will quote M.E. Bradford?


As of 5:15 p.m. Thursday 5/18, Alien Nation was at #3,923 in the Amazon rankings.

At VDare, James Fulford acknowledges the tribute from the Blonde One:
This is interesting. Ann Coulter is bashing Bush’s speech, and when Ann bashes something, it stays bashed.
And speaking of "interesting," Fulford reminds us of something I'd forgotten -- the late Sam Francis' defense of Coulter:
I haven't read the book [Treason] ... and it may be that Miss Coulter kind of O.D.'s on the hyperbole. I know the problem myself.
Nevertheless, if she's seriously arguing that liberalism is inherently prone to treason, she's right.
That's an inside joke: "I know the problem myself"! God, I miss Sam.

But I knew there was a reason I never classified Coulter amongst the neocons, and now I remember why: When you've been banned by NRO, attacked by the Wall Street Journal, and praised by Sam Francis, you've obviously got some paleo-chromosomes somewhere in your DNA. (Hybrid vigor?)

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And, as expected, the Left's "links and ties" guilt-by-association smears now come to bear on Coulter, courtesy of HuffPo:
In fact, the article of Brimelow's that Coulter cites is ... rife with examples of Brimelow's racist, xenophobic rhetoric.
Yeah, and Brimelow's son has blue eyes!! How evil can you get? This is so wonderful: Now the SPLC gets to put a New York Times best-selling author on the cover of its Intelligence Report. How the millions will roll in down at the Poverty Palace in Montgomery!

But despite her admiration of progenitors of blue-eyed children, Ann's blogospheric fans are unabashed: Immigration Control, Carnage and Culture, Bubba's Bog , Rick Hale, ...

Linked at Voluntarily Conservative.
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Speaking of VDare, Bryanna Bevens just named Sen. Jeff Sessions (R-Alabama) one of her favorite senators for this line:
Has anybody asked America if this is what they want? This bill has major flaws and they are going to be even madder at us when they see it.”
Exactly! It was during a trip to Alabama -- a four-day swing via Virginia, Tennessee and Georgia -- last month that I realized how angry people were about the Amnesty That Dare Not Speak Its NameTM.

I had been getting strong signals as a guest on radio talk shows, where hosts would intimate that they could take callers 24/7 about nothing but immigration. But it's not until you get out amongst ordinary working-class and middle-class people in the Red States -- e.g., my friends and family -- that you understand exactly how fired-up they are about this.

It's not that people hate Mexicans, not at all. Rather, people have the basic sense that:
  • The border is out of control;
  • Any concession to illegals would render futile future attempts at border security;
  • Republican leaders are a bunch of two-faced cowardly scum; and
  • "TWELVE FREAKIN' MILLION? Are you FREAKIN' NUTS? We can't let 12 freakin' million illegals get a free pass!"
If any Republican in the Senate had both a brain and a spine (this is a hypothetical) they'd find some way to scrap this whole thing and start from scratch with a Tancredo-style enforcement-only measure. If that placates the people and gives them some sense that the border crisis has been fixed, then maybe in 2007 or 2008, folks will be willing to hear about "guest workers." But not until then ....

And did I mention that this is all a hypothetical, contingent on the apparently impossible task of finding a Republican senator with both a brain and a spine?

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