Thursday, May 11, 2006

Anti-Reed Blog Brigade

The question facing Georgia Republicans in 2006 is not whether Ralph Reed will be destroyed, but when. Will Reed go down in the July 18 primary, or will he be defeated in the Nov. 7 general election for lieutenant governor?

Either way, Reed's political career will be permanently ended by Nov. 8. The real question is whether the Republican Party will pay the price for Ralph's sins. If Georgia Republicans unite to destroy Ralph in the primary -- if Reed gets 1% of the vote July 18, that will be 1% too much for my taste -- then the GOP, and Christian conservatives, will be praised for having abided by the counsel of Paul to the Corinthians: "Therefore put away from among yourselves that wicked person." (I Cor. 5:13)

If not — if Reed gets the GOP nomination — then the Republican Party will be within brimstone range of Reed when the eternal wrath of God comes down in November. Republicans must destroy Reed, or be destroyed along with him. This is what you might call "a time for choosing."

The Official Conservative MovementTM has of necessity taken a stance of neutrality toward the contest between Ralph Reed and Casey Cagle. But since I haven't yet been inducted into the Movement -- I drank the free beer at their pledge party during Rush Week, but haven't gotten a bid yet -- I'm not encumbered by any such obligation. Since the First Three Rules of Journalism are "accuracy, accuracy, accuracy," no code of ethics is violated when I say that Ralph Reed is a dangerously untrustworthy scumbag. That's just a fact -- you can look it up.

So why is the Movement afraid to speak the well-known truth about Ralph Reed? In large measure, the Movement is a series of non-profit organizations and the IRS code frowns on such groups openly advocating the election or defeat of any candidate. Unfortunately for Ralph Reed, the Donkey Cons blog is a shamelessly for-profit site, dedicated to convincing Americans to buy our book -- buy TWO! Our sole objects are to make ourselves fabulously rich and to generate obscene profits for our publisher.

The free market is a beautiful thing, and our for-profit status means that it is a tax-deductible business expense for us to shout the truth from the blogospheric housetops: Ralph Reed is a phony.

But while we bash Ralph Reed for tax-deductible fun and profit, others must be more circumspect. Thus Jeff Emanuel of the Georgia College Republicans writes at
Cagle harps on Reed’s lack of legislative experience (though Reed generally refrains from personally attacking Cagle), and anti-Reed bloggers have jumped all over his decision to make his first run for office “in the same cycle that he is a figure in the biggest scandal to hit Washington in the past decade,” saying that it “hurts the party.” This is backed by a recent Matt Towery poll, which shows Reed 7 points ahead of Cagle, but also has him as an 8 point drag on the GOP ticket this fall.
The freedom of our for-profit status — we are proud to be the Gordon Gekko of the blogosphere — puts me at liberty to provide this translation of Emanuel's column:
"For the love of all that is
good, holy and Republican,
please ....


If you've got any good dirt on Ralph Reed, or if you're another free-market blogger who's sick of the two-faced antics of the Elmer Gantry of the GOP, please send us an e-mail. We'll be only too happy to link your blog on a reciprocal basis, so that we can all boost each other's Technorati rankings and thus call attention to the Anti-Reed Blog BrigadeTM.

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