Friday, May 26, 2006

Boycott Announced

9:30 a.m., SAT. 5/27

Lynn called me Friday and talked me into reconsidering. So I hereby cancel my decision -- to quit the Republican Party and move back to Georgia -- even though this change of plan will, I am sure, expose me to ridicule and accusations of hypocrisy.

My fury has passed, but not the sense that the 23 Republicans who voted for amnesty have betrayed their country. And I have personal obligations and duties beyond politics.

Lynn pointed out that it is perhaps possible that the House may stand manfully to its duty, and tell the Senate exactly where they can shove their amnesty plan. So there is yet that hope. And, as a wise man once said, it is history that teaches us to hope. The Senate and the president have both done the wrong thing, and the House may yet join them in this cruel treachery. But the people will not forever be deceived, and we have God's promise that "all things work together ...."

So, call me a hypocrite, but I'm going to suck it up and try to stick it out here amongst the Beltway "Republicans" a little longer. Despite my strong feeling that this is a dishonorable concession on my part, I will risk the stain to my reputation for the sake of hoping that I may yet do some service to my country and my people by staying here.

I will continue blogging -- and watch soon for my Memorial Day post, inspired by a soldier's sacrifice -- but will leave in place, as a matter of record, the original post that I wrote on Friday.

-- RSM

* * * * *

(EARLY A.M., FRIDAY, 5/26)

Until further notice, I'm not blogging anymore.

I fear that continuing to blog for DONKEY CONS might result in the election of more members of The "Y" Party.

The "Y" Party is a criminal conspiracy to defraud American voters of their country. And it is a vast conspiracy indeed, involving the president, the vice president, and 23 members of the United States Senate who -- it was revealed on Thursday, May 25, 2006 -- committed perjury the day they were sworn into office.

At this time, my research on The "Y" Party has not progressed sufficiently to determine whether, as some have suggested, all elected officials calling themselves "Republicans" are, in fact, secretly members of The "Y" Party. At this point, I am unsure of the extent of the conspiracy.

By promoting DONKEY CONS, this blog might -- by helping members of The "Y" Party further their anti-American conspiracy -- be guilty of treason, at least indirectly, by "giving aid and comfort" to our nation's enemies in time of war.

I have been for several years deceived by this fiendish plot. Who ever would have imagined that BOTH senators from Tennessee, BOTH senators from Ohio, BOTH senators from Mississippi and BOTH senators from Utah were, in fact, traitors who were secretly sworn to destroy America?

Because of the danger posed by members of The "Y" Party, -- some of whom may still be members of secret "GOP" cell groups -- I currently believe all patriotic Americans who have in the past voted for so-called "Republicans" instead to stay home on November 7.

For six weeks now, I have been campaigning for my own "Immigration Compromise" measure. The failure of Americans to rally to support this proposal has now resulted in the triumph of The "Y" Party. I can therefore in good conscience feel that I have done all that honor might require in attempting to avert the present crisis.

I am sure the question will be asked, "Didn't you just co-write a book that demonstrates, beyond dispute, that Democrats in Congress are three times as corrupt as their Republican counterparts?" Yes. But at least the Democratic members of The "Y" Party did not pretend to be Republicans, and thus the 38 Democratic senators who voted for the McCain-Kennedy Destroy America Act of 2006 are morally superior to the 23 so-called "Republicans" who voted the same way.


Andrew Sullivan has a book suggestion for people who support The "Y" Party. Let's face it, McGreevy got $500,000, and now a $1 million advance for Mary Cheney ... did I ever mention that I'm a Christian fundamentalist home-schooling father of six? And that I took my daughter, who was then 11, to stand in the cold January rain and cheer at inauguration of El Presidente?

Looking for the latest blog links for "sellout Republicans"?

This blog looks like a real patriotic blog, right? But then he links a column by Rick Santorum a so-called "Republican" senator who, in 2004, actually endorsed the re-election of Arlen Specter, one of the most important leaders of The "Y" Party. If Santorum endorsed Specter, doesn't that make Santorum a "Y" Party supporter? So even if Santorum writes a column that sounds American, he may in fact be one of the secret underground "Y" lurkers. I'm just very suspicious now: I see an "R" after somebody's name and it looks more and more like a "Y." And somebody who links a closet "Y" like Santorum ...?

Now we see that even some members of the clergy have been deceived by "Y" Party leaders!