Wednesday, May 24, 2006

Don't resign, Mr. Jefferson!

Believe it or not, this is from someone at Daily Kos (h/t Stop the ACLU):

I’ve noticed that the Democratic campaign effort for 2006 is attempting to run against a Republican “culture of corruption” this year. I understand where you’re coming from - between the Abramoff and MZM scandals, there is plenty of grist for that mill.

However, a certain Democratic congressman is undermining this effort. Rep. William Jefferson has apparently been up to no good - getting caught on tape (and with $90,000 in his freezer) in a bribery scandal. Despite the rock solid evidence compiled by the FBI, Rep. Jefferson still insists on running for office.

My plea is obvious. Tell Mr. Jefferson to resign immediately.

Don't listen to him, Mr. Jefferson! You must fight on! I think we here at Donkey Cons speak for every patriotic American when we say that you should fight this unjust racist accusation, come what may ... at least until Nov. 8.

There's no reason that an investigation, an indictment or even a conviction should keep you from mounting a strong re-election campaign this fall.

Under no circumstances should you listen to those white liberal hypocrites like Nancy Pelosi, Howard Dean or Rahm Emanuel who say that you should resign for "the good of the party." Have they called for the resignation of white Democrats like Al Mollohan or Patrick Kennedy? Of course not. Those two-faced honkies at the DNC are just a phony liberal front for The Man.

So even if you have to campaign for re-election from federal prison while you appeal your case to the Supreme Court, Mr. Jefferson, please don't quit ... ever!


P.S.: Still waiting for more backup in our Stop Ralph Reed campaign -- bring your own fork ....

P.P.S: Looks like Peg Kaplan didn't get the memo. Peg, what's the point in having a Vast Right-Wing Conspiracy Secret Decoder Ring, if you don't ever use it?

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