Sunday, May 21, 2006

Feminist ostriches

American feminists are ignoring the threat of radical Islam, says Phyllis Chesler, pointing to the feminist failure to support Aayan Hirsi Ali:
The Dutch people have driven the heroic Aayan Hirsi Ali out of parliament, out of Holland, and out of Europe. Their shameful appeasement of murderous, totalitarian Islamism has accomplished what the jihadists could not do: sadden one of Europe’s most important critics of jihad. ...

The American Enterprise Institute (AEI) has offered Hirsi Ali a position. ...

So, one of the world’s leading feminists has been offered a safe perch by a conservative think tank. I am not surprised. My own views about Islamic gender- and religious-apartheid have been received warmly and respectfully by conservatives, while such views have been attacked by many feminists as ”white nationalist” and ”racist.” To the best of my knowledge, the American feminist movement, with its vast access to university positions, has not offered Hirsi Ali a perch. Perhaps multi-culturally correct feminists are ambivalent about challenging Islamist misogyny—lest they too be censured as “racists” or threatened with death. Indeed, as I document in my book The Death of Feminism: What’s Next in the Struggle for Women’s Freedom, among most feminists, race trumps gender. Many feminists are now more concerned with the alleged “occupation” of Palestine than with the occupation of women’s bodies under Islam, and they tend to blame America and Israel for the sins of Islam.

America’s Nation magazine presented a critique of Hirsi Ali (who is a black African and former Muslim) as a “reactionary” who “puts all the blame on Islam” instead of blaming “patriarchal customs” and for failing to focus on the “role the West has played... in assisting the rise of the Islamist movements.”

What's happening in Europe, and being mimicked by the American Left, is described by Melanie Phillips in the Los Angeles Times:
Large-scale Muslim immigration in Britain and Europe is simply playing havoc with societies whose moral compass has been all but destroyed by the doctrines of multiculturalism and minority rights that have taken hold throughout the Western world.

This has produced a systematic appeasement of all minorities — racial, sexual and religious — in terror of vilification as racist, sexist or Islamophobic.

As a result, morality has been stood on its head. Even if minorities do something wrong, they can't be held responsible for their actions because they are deemed to be victims of the majority. So the majority gets blamed even when it is the actual victim of a minority.
Which is to say that liberalism has become suicidal, advocating tolerance toward foreign cultures that are deeply hostile to liberalism. American feminists seek desperately for some way to blame the West for the pervasive sexism of Islamic societies.

This kind of thinking exposes the fundamental anti-Western bias of the Left: Whatever is wrong in the world must be the fault of the West -- which the Left considers synonymous with capitalism, imperialism, sexism, racism, homophobia, etc. No evidence to the contrary can be admitted, since any enemy of the West is automatically blameless.

Suicide bombers lusting for their 72 virgins? Genocide in the Sudan? Female genital mutilation? Recrudescent slavery? Virulent anti-Semitism? The Left cannot hold the Islamic world responsible for its shortcomings because to do so might imply that the (capitalist, imperialist, sexist, etc.) West is in some way superior to another culture.

Denying Western superiority has been the raison d'etre of the Left ever since the days of Lenin and Stalin. There is no society, no culture, no nation so backward, primitive, oppresive or violent that the Left would ever say, "Here is something worse than capitalism, worse than Christianity, worse than America."

Mao and Stalin slaughtered their tens of millions, Kim Jong-Il and Fidel Castro continue operating totalitarian regimes, but never would the Left say that those governments were inferior to the mild constitutional democracies of the West. No, no, some calculus of moral relativism is always handy to the Left, so that the tens of millions slain by Marxist regimes -- or whatever Third World despotism is this week's pet leftist cause -- are automatically canceled out by the abuses of the West, real or imagined.

The inconsistencies of the Left are, in fact, perfectly consistent once you understand that their anti-Western, "blame America first" stance is not coincidental to the Left's ideology, but in fact is their ideology. The inferiority of the West is the premise, and not the conclusion, of the Left's argument.


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