Thursday, May 11, 2006

Harry Reid's Strippergate

When you write a book with the subtitle "Sex, Crime, and Corruption in the Democratic Party," you don't dare dream that the one man who will embody the whole thing will be the top Democrat in the U.S. Senate, but thank heaven for Harry Reid:
A tough-talking strip club owner says he tossed bags of cash around to put politicians in his pocket. And when blue velvet Crown Royal bags stuffed with cash weren't enough, Michael Galardi and prosecutors say he traded sex - using strippers, dancers and other club employees to keep elected leaders happy and voting his way. ...

Dario Herrera, a handsome former county commissioner and one-time rising political star who addressed the Democratic National Convention in 2000, admitted he interrupted a golf outing with Galardi to go off and have sex behind the bushes with one of Galardi's workers.

Herrera was 23 when he was elected to the state Assembly in 1996, 25 when he was the youngest person ever elected to the county commission in 1998, and 29 when he lost a bid for Congress in 2002 as a protege of Senate Minority Leader Harry Reid, D-Nev.
Heh. Guess they don't call him "Dirty Harry" for nothing.

But wait, before Harry & his Dem spinners try to tell you that the Herrera-Reid connection is "old news," please ask them to explain this:
An aide to US Senator Harry Reid is facing criticism for helping former Clark County commissioner Dario Herrera slip out of the federal courthouse last week. Herrera was convicted on felony bribery and extortion charges.
After the jury returned its verdict, he avoided reporters by leaving through back entrance with the help of Reid's staffer for veteran's affairs, Charvez Foger.
Foger had a special security-access card. ...
Yeah, let's imagine how the MSM would spin that story if an aide to Bill Frist was used a special-access card to help Jack Abramoff sneak out of a federal courtroom. LOL!

The RNC research shop is having a field day with this one. And then there is our new favorite blog, G-Sting!

As we prophesied in Chapter One of DONKEY CONS, if the Democrats try to focus the 2006 campaign on a "culture of corruption," they'll lose -- and we'll sell a lot more books. (Remember our special discount: BUY TWO!)

Thanks, Harry! If this finally gets Lynn booked on O'Reilly, we owe you a beer. In the meantime, take a few Ambiens and ask Patrick Kennedy if there's a vacancy at the Mayo Clinic, because if you think Democrats can win on the corruption issue, you're nuts.


How is it that Don Surber beat me to this story by, oh, about 10 hours? Doggone that MSM!

I take a few hours to go on a hot date, and next thing you know, everybody's got me beat on the big Strippergate story, including Battle Born, Noisy Room and Reid World. (If it weren't for Vilmar at Right-Wing Howler, I'd never score any scoops involving naked women.)

Speaking of sex, naked women and campaign contributions, what about Hillary Clinton? I understand that seeing the words "sex," "naked" and "Hillary" in the same sentence may cause projectile vomiting and long-term impotence -- we feel your pain, Bill -- but that's not the point. No, you see one of Hillary's major supporters has this thing with teenage hookers:
A disbarred New York lawyer with a criminal record for attempted larceny and patronizing a 16-year-old prostitute, [John] Burgess owns International Profit Associates, a management consulting company in Illinois.
Federal authorities are pressing a sexual harassment suit against the company on behalf of 113 former female employees. ...
Sen. Hillary Clinton, D-N.Y., has collected more than $150,000 in contributions from IPA executives and spoke at a company event in 2004. As a group, company officials and their spouses are one of the largest sources of contributions to Clinton's re-election campaign.
Heh. Jailbait hooker, sexual harassment, over $150,000 in campaign cash ... Is there any Republican Senator up for re-election in 2006 who wouldn't be forced to give that IPA money back once the press got wind of it? I mean, this would be on "Nightline," "Dateline," "SNL Weekend Update" ...

Steve Sebelius is all over Harry & Herrera & Foger:
We're sure it had nothing to do with Herrera wanting to avoid the reporters waiting out in front of the courthouse, and having to explain himself, the way co-defendant Mary Kincaid-Chauncey had to do. No, that had absolutely nothing to do with it.
But why should Foger be any different than his boss Reid? The senior senator was Herrera's mentor, and maneuvered the political stars to get Herrera into the race for the newly minted 3rd Congressional District in 2002 against eventual victor, U.S. Rep. Jon Porter. Reid did it in order to allow his son, Rory Reid, to enter and win the race for Herrera's seat on the Clark County Commission.
Heh. That's the thing with Democrats: It's always safer to be their enemy than to be their friend. Just ask Ngo Dinh Diem, Mary Jo Kopechne, Vince Foster, Kathleen Willey's cat ...

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