Wednesday, May 10, 2006

Hot date & a hot scoop

I've had a hot date with my wife tonight. We went to go see Tom Wolfe at the Warner Theater. Hey, it's your tax dollars at work: Wolfe gave the annual Jefferson Lecture sponsored by the National Endowment for the Humanities. A big honor for Wolfe, a big night for Mrs. McCain and me.

I needed a break from blogging. I've been blogging like crazy lately, what with and Ralph Reed and Patrick Kennedy. So, with the taxpayers providing Tom Wolfe as this evening's entertainment for us right-wing Republican fat cats, we'll leave the hard work to the hired help.

The Republican National Committee's crack research team has made a startling discovery -- the Democrats' Agenda for 2006!

Oh, and check out Dan Riehl about the GOP blogger conference call. Man, what I wouldn't give to be on the phone with Mehlman for 30 seconds:
"What part of 'NO AMNESTY' don't you understand? Let's enforce the laws we've got. Once the federal government's got the border under control and vigorous interior enforcement results in a net outflow of illegals maybe then -- and only then -- will the American people be willing to listen to any discussion of status adjustment. As far as the Red States are concerned, there might as well not even be a GOP if you can't stop this illegal invasion. If you can't get the immigration issue right, you're toast in November."
I've been doing a lot of talk radio in the past month of so, and illegal immigration has been the No. 1 topic the whole time. If I'm on for 20 minutes, after about 10 minutes of talking about DONKEY CONS, the host will usually find some way to turn the subject to immigration, because that's all the listeners care about. The people are P-I Double-Essed about this mess, and can't understand why the GOP has betrayed them.


UPDATES (5/11):

Teen Cleavage Alert
You know life is good when the wife of a leading conservative attorney gives you an opportunity to blog about teen cleavage. (We get visits every day from people Googling for donkey sex, so why not teen cleavage? Anything to sell the book.) But considering how he used to get late-night phone calls from desperate David Lee Roth groupies — the seamy details of this episode are told in his wife's forthcoming book — it's hardly surprising that, like most right-wing guys, David French married a hottie. Can't you just picture that Senate Judiciary Committee hearing?
SEN. SCHUMER: Mr. French, would you mind telling us how you became involved with the notorious "Catfish Queen" teen porn site?
MR. FRENCH: Senator, I'm afraid Ralph Neas may have misled you about that ...
SEN. SCHUMER: Answer the question! Just answer the question! Are you now, or have you ever been, involved in "teen cleavage" Web sites?!
Speaking of Hotties ...
I'm currently struggling with Site Meter addiction, fervently hoping that prayers will be answered with another 3,000-hit day. One of the interesting things is when you think you've been linked for the first time by a blog you've never heard of before. But then you check and find out that, in fact, it's one of those "next blog" visitors who are just randomly surfing around Sometimes, as today, this accidently leads you to clicking onto a bikini model site ... uh, Vilmar, I think I've found a candidate for your next "Chick of the Week."

Attn: Chris Daughtry Fans ....
If you want to know why your guy lost on "American Idol," you blame ... HER! That's right, she admits that she jinxed Chris:
"I admit, I was less than thrilled over his performances on Tuesday nite and I did say to several friends that if I was voting someone off after Tues. it would have been Chris..."
I'm sure she'll be happy to get hate mail from all Chris Daughtry fans.

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