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MoveOn.org & the Politics of Deceit

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On page 217 of DONKEY CONS, in the epigraph to the concluding chapter we quote an aphorism by Ann Coulter:
"Liberals simply can't grasp the problem Lexis-Nexis poses to their incessant lying."
The politics of deceit will ultimately destroy anyone who practices it, and Coulter is exactly right that deceit has become "incessant" among liberals. Witness this message from Tom Matzzie of MoveOn.org:
The influence of big money and corporations in politics is out of control. From Jack Abramoff to Tom DeLay, it's clear that lobbyists and big corporations have way too much power in American politics. But we can fight back and win.

Author and political strategist David Sirota has a new book out entitled, "Hostile Takeover: How Big Money and Corruption have Conquered our Government and How We Can Take it Back."

Tonight, Tuesday, May 9, our friends at The American Prospect magazine and the AFL-CIO are hosting a book launch party and panel discussion entitled, "Fighting the Hostile Takeover in America's Red States" Speakers include Montana Governor Brian Schweitzer (D), author Thomas Frank, columnist Harold Meyerson, David Sirota and, ah...well me. I'll be joining the panel to talk about how MoveOn members make a difference across the country.
This little MoveOn.org e-mail contains multiple lies:
  • It promotes a book whose fundamental premise is false. Having recently co-authored a book on this subject, I can with complete confidence assure anyone who would care to investigate that "big money and corruption" are no more in control of the American government than at any time in the past 50 years -- and certainly no more so than during the heydays of Jim Wright, Dan Rostenkowski and Bill Clinton.
  • It is false that "big corporations" are the most notable source of corruption in Washington. Abramoff's scams and swindles were not perpetrated on behalf of Microsoft or Exxon. Rather, he lobbied chiefly on behalf of Indian tribal casinos.
  • Who is "we" and how can "we fight back and win"? Sirota's book's proposed solution is (surprise, surprise!) to elect more Democrats and impose more liberal policies. Right.
  • The event is sponsored by the American Prospect magazine and the AFL-CIO. Don't the wealthy liberals who bankroll the American Prospect qualify as "big money"? And since when is the AFL-CIO a force battling against "corruption" ... hello?
  • Tom Matzzie couldn't elect a dogcatcher in the Red States. He was one of the masterminds of the blunder-prone Kerry campaign, and an activist for the AFL-CIO, where he did nothing to halt or reverse Big Labor's disastrous membership declines. Matzzie's incompetence is notorious. Taking political advice from Matzzie is like taking driving lessons from Patrick Kennedy.
  • And finally, how do MoveOn.org members "make a difference" -- other than gullibly sending money to the fools like Tom Matzzie who are misleading them?
The reason the politics of deceit inevitably fails is that people are not stupid. Especially in an age when information flows freely via the Internet, you can't pass off Microsoft Word documents as 1970s-era National Guard records. You can't pretend Sirota — a native of New Haven, Conn., who grew up in Philadelphia — cares more about the people of the "red states" than do, inter alia, Tom Coburn or John Cornyn. You cannot forever make the working man believe that greedy corrupt union officials are his friends, nor that his enemies are the investors and entrepreneurs who make possible a growing economy.

The politics of deceit, alas, has practicioners in both parties. But ultimately the American people cannot be deceived forever, and no amount of hype, no amount of money, no amount of propaganda churned out by the likes of Tom Matzzie will prevent the truth from conquering the lie. Even if this campaign of deceit results in a November victory for Democrats, the resulting regime will be a political deck of cards, a parliament of fools, a crooked coalition that will fly apart in confusion at the first solid blow.

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Another false prophet of liberalism, Ruy Teixeira, quibbles with Sirota's false prophecy.

Brendan Nyhan is onto David Sirota and the "spin vanguard."


David Sirota is so clueless: One day after a MoveOn.org-backed event to promote his book -- which, by the way, is published by a $20-billion multinational conglomerate -- Sirota starts attacking Hillary Clinton for "selling out" to Fox mogul Rupert Murdoch: "Thank you, Sen. Clinton -- in bragging about the fundraiser you are holding with the right-wing billionaire who has worked to destroy your party and your husband, at least you are ... acknowledging how far-reaching the hostile takeover of our government really is."

Which billionaire is destroying the Democratic Party, Dave -- Murdoch or Soros? George Soros supports liberal liars like you and Tom Matzzie of MoveOn.org, who are far, far more damaging to Democrats than Bill O'Reilly or Sean Hannity. And don't go bashing billionaires, when you're collecting a paycheck from Bertelsmann, a $20-billion foreign corporation with quarterly revenues of $5 billion (profits up 55%).

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Linked at Riehl Worldview, where Dan Riehl notes Captain's Quarters excellent post on Richard Cohen's "Digital Lynch Mob" encounter with the MoveOn Moonbats.

Speaking of Richard Cohen, let me tell you about my first day on the job at The Washington Times in November 1997: I took the bus to the Shady Grove Metro station, and bought a copy of The Other Paper from the rack on my way into the station. On the train, I read Cohen's column, and by the time I got to work, I was fuming with rage. I forget what the column was about, but Cohen was so clueless, and so blindly fell into liberal thought-traps, that he just infuriated me. So I walk into the office, grumbling through clinched teeth at Cohen's idiocy, and my boss says, "Oh, yeah. I forgot to warn you. Don't ever read that idiot. He's a waste of time, and you'll only get p****d off." In the years since, I've found that about two or three times a year, Cohen will write a column I agree with -- and that always worries me.

As I mentioned during my April 11 Capitol Hill presentation, 2006 is shaping up to be one of the most important elections of our lifetimes. Both parties have serious problems, and defeat in this crucial year will devastate the losing party. Mark A. Rose notes that the potentially disastrous consequences of a Democratic defeat have not been lost on Rush Limbaugh:
I cannot wait for the day after this election in November. When they lose this one, when they don't get the House back, when they don't get the Senate back, it's going to be fun to watch these people.
If this turns out to be one of those "See I told you so" moments for the Maha Rushie, the MoveOn Moonbats will richly deserve to be the chief scapegoats of Democrats' wrath.

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