Tuesday, May 16, 2006

On the bright side ...

Depressed about the Bush immigration speech? Yeah, I was, too.

So I went over to Ace of Spades HQ, who directed me here, where I learned about ...

(WARNING: The following link contains ... well, not nudity, but pictures of an attractive young woman who probably should be wearing more clothes than she is.)


She's a teacher in Florida:
Erica Chevillar says she found it tough to make ends meet living in South Florida on a $33,000 first year teacher's salary, so she quietly posed in skimpy swimwear to earn extra money.

Little did she know that students from West Boca Raton High School, where she teaches 10th grade world history, would soon discover the photos of a familiar model named "Erica Lee" on the USA National Bikini Team Web site.

Students started e-mailing the photos to friends, posting them on Web sites and bringing them to school on CDs. Suddenly, the 25-year-old teacher became the talk of the school and the subject of a brief disciplinary review.
Please note that, unlike Mary Kay LeTourneau and some other teachers, Miss Chevillar is not accused of any sexual misconduct. She just looks good in bikinis. Is that illegal in Florida? Should it be? We report. You decide.