Tuesday, May 09, 2006

Ralph Reed: Devil Going Down in Georgia

The duplicity of Ralph Reed is now becoming obvious to Georgians, as Reed tries to slime his way into the lieutenant governorship of that state.

Josh Goodman at Governing.com has named this the No. 1 "downballot" election to watch for 2006:
Ralph Reed, the former executive director of the Christian Coalition who until recently was a rising political star, is drawing fire for his connections to lobbyist/felon Jack Abramoff. The problems for Reed are compounded because, as a conservative Christian, he looks like a hypocrite for allegedly working on behalf of gambling interests. The result is that he may not survive the Republican primary against state senator Casey Cagle. ...
I long ago saw the writing on the wall for Reed. Here's an example of the man's shameless mendacity: After realizing last year that his ties to gambling money were going to hurt him with Christian conservatives, Ralph decided to switch over and become a "Chamber of Commerce" Republican, gobbling up big bucks from the usual suspects in the Atlanta GOP country club crowd.

Guess who is the GOP star attraction Reed has scheduled for his big fund-raiser next week (May 18) in Atlanta? Rudy Giuliani -- the same kind of pro-gay-rights, pro-choice Republican that Reed spent his entire career trying to drive out of the "Big Tent."

As might be expected, many Democrats are eager to see Ralph Reed get what he's got coming. But most people have no idea what paroxysms of glee will be inspired among certain hard-core conservatives on July 18, when state Sen. Casey Cagle stomps Reed into smithereens.

The lefties hate Reed because he's supposedly a hero of the Religious Right. But there is abundant evidence — about $4.5 million worth — that the only thing religious about Reed is his worship of pieces of paper imprinted with the phrase "In God We Trust." He's made himself a mighty rich man that way, but however much money Reed collects from his fat-cat country-club supporters, it won't be enough to rescue him.

Even if Reed could win the GOP primary -- which I don't believe he can -- he would lose in November. The Democratic Party is in such disarray down home, there's talk of putting yellow dogs on the endangered species list. But there is no shortage of Georgia Republicans who'd vote for Jane Fonda before they'd vote for Ralph Reed. So if Cagle can't beat Reed in July, then many of the Cagle supporters will cross over to vote for Reed's Democratic opponent in November.

Either way, Reed's destruction will be a cause for bipartisan celebration.

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