Monday, May 22, 2006

Senate immigration bill update

Bryanna Bevens has an excellent status report on where the Senate bill stands, as we begin another week of shameless pandering. I like Bryanna's comment:
If more people watched C-SPAN instead of QVC, every member of Congress would be unemployed by Christmas in what I imagine would look something like a nuclear election holocaust.
BB Side Note: Except for Senators Saxby Chambliss (R-GA), Jeff Sessions (R-AL), Edward Kennedy (D-MA) and Hilary Clinton (D-NY).
Chambliss and Sessions (cutie pies) would survive because unlike their colleagues, they appear neither retarded nor confused about the country for which they work. As for the other two, see: Cockroaches and Nuclear Holocaust.
The Other Paper points out that the Rove "strategery" on immigration seems to be a net loser, equally alienating La Raza and Los Gringos.

You know thing are in a horrible mess when Jonathan Chait chows down on a big dish of schadenfreude -- and you don't begrudge him the pleasure. "Right-wing glasnost" -- touche!

Great phrase-making also by Diana West: "I have this terrible feeling I finally understand what a 'compassionate conservative' is: an emotional train wreck."

Which reminds me that I don't think I've ever gotten credit for
The Amnesty That Dare Not Speak Its Name

Robert Novak: "The consensus on Capitol Hill is that Bush and Rove were blindsided by the immigration tide and are still foundering. The fear of America being undone by immigrants resembles nativist alarms in the country's past history."

A lovely GOP lady: "America is an exceedingly humane and generous nation, but shouldn't our politicians be concerned with: a) upholding the law, and, b) aiding American citizens first? Well, you wouldn't think so, after listening to Senator John McCain on the most recent edition of the Fox News Sunday program."

The lady was referring to this:
"Mr. McCain ... defended his vote in the Senate last week to make illegal aliens eligible for Social Security benefits.
"They paid the taxes. [The taxes] came out of their salaries and, so, they contributed. Should they ... be deprived of the taxes that they paid?" he said.
The Washington Times: "The immigration debate in the Senate is descending swiftly into the silly. Certain senators have demonstrated that they have no idea what they're asked to vote for, or why. They can only hope the public is similarly dumb."

Well, the public elected them, didn't they?

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