Tuesday, June 06, 2006

Ambien! Tinfoil! Kennedy!

Last week I mentioned that maybe Patrick Kennedy wasn't the one who needed to check into Mayo Clinic.

At the very least, with his crazy "Diebold stole Ohio for Bush" theory, RFK Jr. seems like he could use some Ambien.

But now, Brian Maloney reports that RFK Jr. is claiming the failure of Air America was a GOP conspiracy.


When you need to ward off CIA brain-control waves, always insist on top-quality Reynolds Aluminum Foil! Using cheaper store-brand foil in your hat, even if semi-effective at preventing brain-control, may allow Karl Rove and the NSA to read your thoughts. Which is why they're jealous -- they're all jealous of you! That's why those Republicans hate you so much, because they know you're endowed with the Mighty Righteous Truth -- they're jealous!