Saturday, June 03, 2006

Blonde on Blonde: Coulter v. Cornell

Ever heard of Lydia Cornell? Me neither, until the other day I was searching around to see if anyone was blogging about the new Ann Coulter book.

I came across a left-wing lady who was griping about Ann's difficulties in moving to Florida -- something about taxes and voter registration -- who said this: "Anyway, Lydia Cornell says a lot about how I feel about Ann Coulter far more eloquently than I could ever hope to."

OK, so who is Lydia Cornell? Short answer: An over-the-hill Hollywood starlet. Apparently, she once starred in a TV sitcom with Ted Knight, which obviously qualifies her to critique the work of Ann Coulter -- founder of the Cornell Review, graduate of Michigan Law and former Senate staffer.

Lydia Cornell appears to be one of those left-wingers who want to claim the word "Christian" without bothering to deal with things like the Ten Commandments: You know, the kind who always seem to forget what Jesus said after saving the woman caught in adultery: "Go thou and sin no more." Liberals have trouble with the concept of "sin," except when they use it to mean "voting Republican."

So Cornell's views are rather predictable:

It’s important to keep in mind that the Da Vinci Code in no way diminishes the beauty and reality of Christ’s ministry. ... The right-wing evangelicals have also mistakenly twisted Christ's message and have wrongly focused on the letter over the spirit of his teachings. Their obsession with sexual immorality tells a lot about them, not anyone else.
Perhaps, but what does "their obsession with sexual immorality" tell us about, say, Bill Maher or Hugh Hefner? So far as I'm aware, Jerry Falwell's not shacked up with three blondes and a case of Viagra. So how is Falwell "obsessed" in a way that Hef is not? We all stumble and stray -- some perhaps with the encouragement of Lydia Cornell posters from 20 years ago, when she was hot -- but why must Hollywood always celebrate sexual sin, and never righteousness?

Here's another doozy from Lydia:

Liberals are pro-life in the best sense of the word: they love all human life, the born and the unborn. They don't believe in the propaganda that the only valuable life is frozen fetal cells. Liberals are NOT pro-abortion; they are progressive the way Jesus Christ was: want equal rights for all, love America, love their neighbor and fellow man, love nature, love peace. Liberals want to save lives, not destroy them.
Hey, Lydia: Did you know that mobsters working for the Pendergast machine killed four people in Kansas City during the Democrats' campaign of political terror that resulted in Harry Truman being elected to the Senate? So much for that stuff about peace and love for one's fellow man, I guess.

Another Lydia-ism:

A good Christian would never consider ... using nuclear weapons to prevent nuclear war.
Uh, Lydia, about that Truman guy ...

But while Ann graduated from Cornell and Lydia is just named after Cornell, guess who deems themselves worthy to sit in judgment? (Why is it that liberals' famous "non-judgmentalism" is never extended to Republians?) Here's Lydia on Ann:

Sex is sort of losing its appeal. Death is sexier these days, at least that’s the impression I get from Ann Coulter, who makes a living calling for the "killing of Liberals" and repressing the free speech of Democrats.
Eh? I am not familiar with the "repressing" to which Lydia refers, but never mind the facts, she's a liberal:

And Coulter actually claims to be a Christian. Like Pat Robertson and George W, she seems to take perverse delight in defining Christianity as the opposite of itself, so I suspect she belongs to the Antichrist trinity or the Taliban sect of Christianity.
Two quick observations: Why is it that the only evangelical Christians that liberals can ever name are people like Pat Robertson? And doesn't Lydia know how cliched the whole Christian-fundamentalist/Taliban analogy has become? But she's a liberal:

I never mix religion with politics, but for Christ’s sake, don’t they know that Jesus was a Democrat? In fact, a bleeding heart liberal?!!
Yes, we all remember the Parable of the Good Senator: "Yea, verily was the campaign aide trapped in the Oldsmobile, yet the senator saved only himself. And proceeding straightway to the inn, he saith unto himself, 'I needeth an alibi,' and a neckbrace did he therefore seek." Also, the "Jesus was a Democrat" line doesn't quite square up with Clinton approving the death sentence of Ricky Ray Rector. And I don't remember Jesus soliciting sodomy or trying to beat the rap on a sexual-harassment suit with perjurious affidavits, but maybe I missed something in Sunday School when I was a kid.

Did I mention that Lydia is a liberal?

How the Christian right has twisted Christ’s peaceful message is one of the riddles of our times. I’ve been bewildered to the point of jaw-gnashing agony at how certain fundamentalists can call themselves Christian, when they do not follow the teachings of Christ! I feel I’m going insane.
Finally, we agree about something. As proof of Lydia's insanity, she's backing left-winger Marcy Winograd against Rep. Jane Harman (this is the Moonbat position) in the Tuesday, June 6, Democratic primary. Sez Lydia:

Progressive Democrat Marcy Winograd is putting Jane Harmon (who voted for the war, and for the Patriot Act again) to shame. The hope for the future of America is absolutely in the hands of the progressive, enlightened thinkers. We will break free from this sluggish, archaic materialism which has a stranglehold on us today. Winograd is an amazingly optimistic spirit and her campaign is truly grass-roots. With more people like her in Congress, we stand a chance to become the great country our forefathers created.
Winograd wants the '06 Democratic campaign platform to be "Surrender in Iraq & Impeach the President" -- a position that I doubt will be very popular in suburban swing districts. But enough about politics, what about Lydia?

A children’s advocate, Ms. Cornell is passionate about helping orphans and underprivileged children. Her other passion is fighting drug and alcohol abuse.
One can surmise that she is personally familiar with drug and alcohol abuse:

[S]he describes her Hollywood experience as a crash-and-burn, then a “catastrophic” spiritual awakening. “It was supernatural,” says Lydia, “I now have tangible evidence of a force beyond anything in the material world. I believe that the purpose of suffering is to bring us closer to our spirit. Getting rid of the ego is a big part of it, and in Hollywood, which is run by massive egos, this is not easy — we reflect each other. Alcohol & drugs are just a cover for extreme insecurity.”

In other words: This is your brain in recovery. And where does a beautiful actress acquire such a load of "extreme insecurity"?

Ms. Cornell spent years as a single mother going through the horrors of the Hollywood dating scene.

In other words: Bill Maher. (That's a joke, Bill!)

But am I the only one who sees the misplaced wrath in Lydia Cornell's politics?

  • I'm sure being a single mom in Hollywood is no picnic -- for some reason, those TV and movie producers who give millions to liberal causes prefer their bimbos without stretch-marks and C-section scars.
  • Lydia went through "the horrors of the Hollywood dating scene" -- can anyone think of any place on earth where she was less likely to meet a Republican?
  • She had a "crash-and-burn" experience that seems to have involved drugs and alcohol. Well, I guess the extreme right-wing Christians are to blame for that, too.
In other words, judging from her own biographical sketch, Lydia's attempt to live like the liberal Hollywood elite tells us to live resulted in a "catastrophic" experience -- for which she now blames Pat Robertson and George W. Bush. Go figure.

Now, it seems, Lydia has conceived of herself as the anti-Coulter, as some kind of revenge against all those Christian conservatives who've never even heard of Lydia Cornell. I'm sure if Lydia ever would have asked Ann Coulter's advice, Ann would have told her to stay away from the drugs, the booze and the Hollywood sleaze which, in fact, seem to have caused all the misery in Lydia's life. But you just can't help some people.