Wednesday, June 14, 2006

Cpl. American Idol, USMC

They're saying this Marine is going to get in trouble.

What are they gonna do? Send him to Iraq?

"Hadji Girl" is going to be the hugest military hit of the 21st century!


By the way, if you don't know why Cpl. Joshua Belle's chorus provokes such howls of laughter, it's because "Durka durka, muhammed jihad" is from the comedy film, "Team America." Apparently, the Trey Parker/Matt Stone puppet satire is a big hit with Our Men In Uniform. If you haven't seen the movie, you won't get the joke. And you're probably "so ronery," too!

Write your Congressman to say you LOVE "Hadji Girl."

G. Gordon Liddy's got a son in the Marines. The G-Man won't stand by and let them railroad this kid. You can take that to the bank. Let's see ...

CAIR vs. the G-Man
... and every other talk-radio host in America. Who can generate more pressure on a Republican administration? Hmmm. I wonder ....

This will be bigger than "Ballad of the Green Beret"!

Dan Riehl says:
"Apparently you can go off to fight for America. You just aren't entitled to all of her rights. It's pathetic if the military caves to CAIR on this."
Anti-Idiotarian Rottweiller: If "Hadji Girl" doesn't make the Top 50, the terrorists will have already won!

Cpl. Joshua Belle actually has a very melodic voice and genuine songwriting talent. I betcha this guy will have a Nashville contract before 4th of July. Toby Keith's gonna LOVE this song!

Cpl. Belle is back from Iraq, and has a band:

Boys, what y'all need is a good publicity agent. Somebody with 20 years of journalism experience, a background in the music industry, and connections, y'understand. Here, have a cigar, boy ... they're gonna love you!
* UPDATE 6/14*
HUGE outpouring of support for Cpl. Belle & friends! Welcome Michelle Malkin fans -- she's got the latest and greatest right here. I'm a bit behind today, having blogged this until 4:30 a.m. But on it now, and will be updating again tonight. Stay tuned -- LOTS going on!

Josh Belle will NOT be "so ronery" anymore!

After consultation, Black Five agrees: The second line of the chorus is "Sherpa, Sherpa, Baccarat..." And he tells CAIR what to kiss!

He links to a Marine Times article.

I have begun "deconstructing" the lyrics of "Hadji Girl."
CAIR, an organization not known for its ability to take a joke, has seized upon three lines from the third verse to bamboozle the Marine brass and the (clueless, as usual) MSM into thinking that Cpl. Belle has insulted Muslims, or is advocating violence against Iraqi civilians. In a series of continuing critical essays, I shall demonstrate that this interpretation is utterly mistaken.

I suppose I should have mentioned that Lynn and I have a NEW BOOK about the Democratic Party's own "culture of corruption,” and promoting the book DONKEY CONS is the entire rationale for having a blog by that name.