Friday, June 16, 2006

Fresh for Friday

Kool-Aid Caucus
HotAir is hot on the trail of the Kos Kool-Aid Caucus, as we will now deem the House members who voted "no" on Friday's war resolution. Also blogging the House vote: Dan Riehl, Michelle Malkin, Flopping Aces, Stop the ACLU and Suitably Flip.

Iowa Voice is shocked to discover his Iowa Republican congressman, Rep. Jim Leach, hanging out with the Kos crowd.

I notice Rep. Ron Paul, aka "Dr. No," was also against it, but he's such a staunchly principled libertarian (or a Taft-style Old Right isolationist) that vote won't hurt him with folks in Texas. AllahPundit calls this Ron Paul speech "eight shades of crazy." In Texas, they'll take that as a compliment.

Now that Zarqawi is dead, if the situation in Iraq improves substantially in the next few weeks, the Pentagon will announce that it is bringing home a full division (or elements therof). And so, in late September/early October, you'll turn on Fox News and see the scene at some stateside military base: Planes touching down on the tarmac, troops debarking, mothers and wives and children tearfully hugging the necks of their loved ones as the band plays "Stars & Stripes Forever." The Dems will howl bloody murder: "Partisan politics!" And the GOP will smile and say, "But we thought you supported the troops! We thought you wanted to bring the troops home ...."

Dems vote Jefferson out
Rep. William "Cold Cash" Jefferson gets the cold shoulder:
House Democrats voted by a nearly 2-to-1 margin yesterday to oust Rep. William J. Jefferson from his seat on the House Ways and Means Committee, a little-precedented move that angered the party's black lawmakers. The 99-58 vote, taken last night in a Cannon Caucus Room gathering of the party's representatives and delegates, sends the measure to the House floor. Several members of the Congressional Black Caucus denounced House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi's campaign against Mr. Jefferson, Louisiana Democrat. ... Mrs. Pelosi denied any racial bias in her effort to oust Mr. Jefferson but not Rep. Alan B. Mollohan, a West Virginia Democrat who is white and is suspected of using his House Appropriations Committee seat to funnel money and contracts to numerous nonprofit groups and a business-partner relative.
Pelosi's Problem
Gary Andres points out how Nancy Pelosi walked into this particular "culture of corruption" minefield:
Most Americans think ethical lapses by lawmakers infect both sides of the aisle equally. Making these charges apply only to Republicans was a dubious proposition from the beginning. Even Democrats agree. "She promised members that we were going to run on this culture of corruption plan," one Democrat told The Washington Times last week. "Everyone ... knows that corruption cuts both ways on both sides of the aisle." Now one of the most heated and internally divisive issues among Democrats concerns how to treat the ethical lapses of one of their own -- Rep. William Jefferson of Louisiana, who is under investigation by the FBI for bribery. Last week, the House Democratic Steering Committee called for Mr. Jefferson to step down from his seat on the Ways and Means Committee, (a vote by the full Democratic Caucus is expected this week) -- a move that media reports said "irked" members of the Congressional Black Caucus, potentially creating deep divisions within the party at a time when they need unity to regain the House. It's ironic that a theme and tactic that was supposed to help Democrats has ended up causing such damaging internal divisiveness.
More Pelosi problems
The House approves a support-the-war resolution, more than 150 Democrats drink the Moonbat Kool-Aid, prompting Dan Riehl's observation:
Americans in general are not anti-war. They are anti-losing. At this rate, the Democrats are positioning themselves to do what many were beginning to think was all but impossible ... blow their momentum leading up to the fall elections.
Immigration woodshed
Deborah Simmons takes a switch to the amnesty lobby:
Securing America's borders and punishing illegal aliens and their enablers are at the very heart of the immigration debate. The fight is over America and its sovereignty. ... If Big Mama were majority leader of the Senate, she would have marched Ted Kennedy and John McCain, the chief authors of the Senate legislation, straight to the woodshed, where she would have promptly deployed her hickory switch.
Senate Dems dodge vote
Speaking of spankings, Senate GOP whip Mitch McConnell forced Democrats to actually vote on pulling U.S. troops out of Iraq. Only 6 voted yes:
Besides Mr. Kerry, the resolution was backed by five Democrats -- Barbara Boxer of California, Robert C. Byrd of West Virginia, Russ Feingold of Wisconsin, Tom Harkin of Iowa and Edward M. Kennedy of Massachusetts.
Ethics? Democrats?
The RNC Research Dept. has the latest "Democrat Ethics Breakdown."

Tinfoil Update
Looking for your daily helping of conspiracy-mongering? How about some ranting about "mercenaries" of the "Israel-first lobby" and "American Likudniks"? DailyKos is the place to be! The Kossack seems to hate Joel Mowbray, whom I met at CPAC and who seemed to be one of the most fun-loving guys on the planet. And notorious teller of bawdy jokes Christopher Hitchens caught Juan Cole covering up for the Iranian crackpot's tendency toward genocidal ranting. (H/T LGF)

Reed v. Cagle
I was a bit busy earlier this week and didn't have time to mention that Steve Forbes has endorsed state Sen. Casey Cagle for lieutenant governor of Georgia. Eric at Peach Pundit loves it. Cagle and Ralph Reed debated Thursday in Savannah. And a Christian Coalition activist in Georgia now endorses Cagle:
I believe that character does matter. More than ever, we need a leader like Casey Cagle, who lives his values every day, even when no one is looking.
Ten days into the GODLESS frenzy, Michelle Malkin has a HotAir "Vent" video saluting the high-wire act that is Ann Coulter. Lynn and I are both Ann fans, and it's good to see that Coulter achieved the desired effect -- a #1 bestseller that, once again, commits the "sin" of telling truth about liberals. Back in the '60s, the New Left talked about "maximizing the contradictions," and Ann has, among other things, prompted Keith Olbermann to call her crazy and prompted Christopher Matthews to badmouth her looks. Heh!

Speaking of Olbermann, California Conservative nails it: "Olbermann is a BDS-afflicted, hate-filled little man who couldn’t make it at a real TV network. In short, he’s TV’s version of an Air America host." Olbermann is a talented broadcaster, it's just that he's politically hopeless.

I recently read an interesting piece by Mark Goldblatt on the roots of liberalism. Nice theory, but I'd like to add something: As an ex-Democrat, I know this: "When you're a Jet, you're a Jet all the way." In other words, if you're a Democrat, you defend whatever it is that Democrats are doing or saying. I think for a lot of ordinary Democrat voters, it is partisan loyalty that leads to liberalism, and not the other way around. The same, by the way, is true for a lot of Republicans. One often meets self-described "Reagan conservatives" who are wholly ignorant of the principles and policies that first made Reagan a hero to conservatives. And College Republicans -- don't get me started on College Republicans.

Kind of a drag
We blogged a couple weeks ago about Robert/"Michelle" Kosilek, the Killer Queen of Cellblock C, who wants a federal judge to require a dollar-ectomy on the taxpayers of Massachusetts in order to provide sex-change surgery. A letter-writer from Charlestown, Mass., weighs in with the Boston Herald: "Any judge who would rule in favor of this operation needs to have his own head examined."

And perhaps this would be the appropriate place to note a curious phenomenon: Liberals who are obsessed with Ann Coulter's Adam's apple. I heard this meme repeated by guys at the bar Thursday night at Buffalo Billiards when Ann was on TV with Leno: "Look at her Adam's apple -- she's a man, I tell you!" Look, it's probably as simple as this: Coulter is quite thin, and this is what causes her larynx to be so prominent.

One might speculate, given her aggressiveness in debate, that perhaps Coulter also has androgen levels that are higher than the average woman's; but that's just speculation, and even if it were true, it wouldn't make her "abnormal." Hormone levels vary widely from person to person, and also vary over the course of time. I am sure that my testosterone levels at 46 are not what they were at 19, and thank God for that!

Liberals will use whatever ad-hominem club they can get their hands on. If Ann Coulter were an endomorph, liberals would mock her as a "fat pig." If she were black, they'd use the kind of slurs they use against Condi Rice. If she were Asian, she'd have to put up with the horrible racist/sexist things they say about Michelle Malkin. As it is, Ann is blonde, blue-eyed and skinny, so she gets "Aryan/Nazi" putdowns and these weird transvestite theories. This is just name-calling, which is what you get from people who don't have arguments.

Dr. Flap on "Meth Mouth"

The Good Doctor catches a journalist trying to deny the reality of "Meth Mouth," the hideous tooth decay which afflicts chronic speed freaks. Back in my day, dope just rotted your brain, which was bad enough. Don't mess with meth, people.


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