Thursday, June 01, 2006

"GODLESS" is here (Pray for Ann)

Madstrider called Sunday morning to tell me he'd linked here from FR and -- wow! what traffic! I've now created a link where you can learn a bit more about my old friend Madstrider.

Read an excerpt of Chapter One of "Godless" online here. You know she had to quote from Chapter 1 of Romans! Liberals HATE that chapter.


My advance copy of GODLESS: THE CHURCH OF LIBERALISM just arrived. If you think Ann was outrageous before, if you think she's been hated, denounced and reviled -- brother, you ain't seen nothing yet! I can promise you, if St. Ann of Coulter wanted to be crucified by the liberal mob, this book ought to do the trick.

It would probably be an ethics violation to quote anything from the book prior to its publication on 6-6-6, but let's just say this:

"The Church of Liberalism" has a martyr, who is the subject of Chapter 3.

The liberals will never forgive Coulter for this, and I suspect even some fainthearted Republicans will feel the same way.

She's going to need your prayers, people.

OK, it was probably unfair to tease you with that bit about "The Martyr," but understand that the contents of Coulter's new book are embargoed until Tuesday. Woe be unto ye who break the embargo!

But I think I will risk damnation -- for the sake of Ann's fans -- by sharing one sentence from Page 64:

"Needless to say, this was a lie."


* * * * *
Quit begging. I cannot tell you the name of The Martyr of "The Church of Liberalism," nor even drop any hints. An embargo is an embargo. I just checked with Google, and no one has broken the embargo yet. If Drudge or somebody else starts dishing, I may follow suit, but breaking an embargo is punishable by death in this business, and I'm not going to stick my neck out.

However, risking damnation once more -- remember, Ann fans, I'm only doing this from the kindness of my heart -- this sentence is from Page 68:

"And you wonder why liberals have lost their minds over Fox News Channel, where it is now possible to hear something other than press releases from the Democratic National Committee."

* * * * *

Did I mention that liberals already hate Ann Coulter? Here's a typical liberal snark:
So, Ann Coulter has this new book coming out. I know this because every time I log onto Amazon, I have to see her horrible, smirking face. Apparently it's about how we liberals are not just wrong, but also Godless and probably about how we're all going to hell. Oh, well. ....

Apparently, she's in quite the bit of trouble in Florida where she lives for, get this, voter fraud. Yup. She knowingly voted in the wrong precinct. She could be headin to the big house for up to five years for this, plus all the fines. And taken off the voter roles. It's a third degree felony. She might also be up for charges with tax fraud. Apparently, she took a huge property tax exemption for homeowners that was only for permanent residents on a house that she publically claimed she didn't live in.
I'm sure the dear liberal has her facts all wrong -- I mean, besides misspelling "publicly" -- but if they hate Ann for goofing up her voter registration or her tax filings, imagine what they're going to say when they find out about Chapter 3.

One can almost picture Alan Colmes' face ... but who would ever want to do that?

* * * * *
My old friend Lisa De Pasquale, formerly of CBLPI, reviews GODLESS:
The final chapters of GODLESS should be required reading for all science classes, much like Treason should be required for all American history classes. Coulter illustrates why evolution is so important to the church of liberalism, "Liberals' creation myth is Charles Darwin's theory of evolution, which is about one notch above Scientology in scientific rigor. It's a make-believe story, based on a theory that is a tautology, with no proof in the scientist's laboratory or the fossil record -- and that's after 150 years of very determined looking. We wouldn't still be talking about it but for the fact that liberals' think evolution disproves God."
I do indeed strongly recommend what Coulter writes about Darwinism. This book finishes with three consecutive chapters demonstrating why a Darwinian worldview (a) is unscientific, and (b) makes moral judgment impossible.

Much of what Coulter writes on this subject echoes Michael Behe and Phillip Johnson, but of course with the addition Ann's cutting sarcasm, this will especially appeal to smart high-school and college kids, who'll laugh as Coulter devastates those arrogant "expert" know-it-alls. I predict this will make her more popular than ever among College Republicans, especially those from conservative Christian backgrounds.

* * * * *
UPDATE: 6-6-6
FINALLY ... 'The Martyr' is

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