Sunday, June 18, 2006

GOP lesbians for Cagle?

You can't make this stuff up folks. In Georgia, Democratic Lt. Gov. Mark Taylor is challenging Republican Gov. Sonny Perdue. This has turned the Republican race for lieutenant governor into the hottest contest in the state, with former Christian Coalition director Ralph Reed facing conservative state Sen. Casey Cagle in the July 18 primary.

Meanwhile, Secretary of State Cathy Cox is challenging Taylor for the gubernatorial nomination in the Democratic primary. This being Georgia, Taylor is fairly conservative and Cox was expected to challenge Taylor from the left. But then Cox flip-flopped on the gay marriage issue, and now the gay rights activists are saying they'll boycott the Democratic primary.

This raises the question: What will gay voters do July 18? Vote Cagle, says Atlanta lesbian activist Christie Ayotte:
My dad would cackle with glee if he knew what I have been doing for the past few weeks.

His daughter, the die-hard liberal lesbian, has spent her free time trying to convince her buddies to vote Republican in the next election? No, really, this is the best Father’s Day gift ever for a 20-year Army veteran and devout Republican.

And yet, while a mass crossover would constitute an undeserved gift to Republican State Sen. Casey Cagle in his bid to become Georgia’s next lieutenant governor, I have come to believe it is the smartest thing gay voters could possibly do in the July 18 primary. ...

[Gay voters] should use our votes to keep Reed out of the State Capitol this July 18. At least then we will get something for our votes. That’s more than we can say about voting Democrat.

LOL! Cagle is, if anything, even more conservative than Reed (who has spent the past few months sucking up to the country-club crowd), but certainly the Cagle campaign would gladly welcome whatever Democrat crossover vote they can get. If Atlanta's gay activists don't want to accidentally boost Reed's campaign, though, they'll have to understand that the Cagle LGBT "outreach" won't be a high-profile effort. The GOP voters in Dawsonville would never understand ...

Meanwhile, in related news, the Atlanta Journal-Constitution has major profiles of Reed and Cagle, the Democratic lieutenant governor candidates had a debate in Atlanta, and Atlanta Mayor Shirley Franklin is staying neutral in the Taylor-Cox fight.

Meanwhile, at Peach Pundit, Erick observes:
On Capital Gang this morning, they are suggesting that all the AJC stories that were very negative toward Ralph Reed have actually helped Reed in the Republican primary.
Of course. Any Georgia Republican naturally figures that if the AJC is against somebody, that's the person to vote for. So the AJC's negative coverage of Reed was actually helping Reed all along.

But check this out: Ralph Reed is a Bilderberger!


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