Wednesday, June 14, 2006

Harry Reid (insert punchline here)

You know that the reeking bogusness of Sen. "Dingy Harry" Reid has become completely transparent when Jon Stewart starts cracking jokes on him:
"It's time to play everyone's favorite political game," Stewart said, while mocking Reid last week on "The Daily Show" on Comedy Central. "First up, Harry Reid, the Senate minority leader, long crusading against the GOP's abuse of power. Now he's under fire for accepting free ringside tickets to boxing matches."

"So fat cat or crumbum," Stewart wondered. "Well, a couple of tickets to a prize fight ... I'd say crumbum."

Yeah, never mind that this particular fat-cat Democrat got more campaign cash from Jack Abramoff's clients than did Tom DeLay ...

Harry's a fat cat. At least he's not a delusional Moonbat like "Crazy Chuck" Schumer. Better sleazy and sane than OD'd on DSCC Kool-Aid.

Remember: Friends don't let friends drink Kool-Aid!

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