Sunday, June 11, 2006

How not to win (Kos video)

* UPDATE 4:45 A.M. Monday *
Stupid me! I never knew until just now that DailyKos was a bought-and-paid-for political consultant to the Dean machine.

So that's why the Kossacks encouraged liberals to waste their time and money on a hopeless candidacy that (a) repeatedly embarrassed the Democratic Party, (b) crashed and burned in Iowa, (c) thus helped re-elect Bush, and (d) has now taken over the DNC and wasted tens of millions of dollars for nothing.

Now a lot of things make more sense ...

What a perfect scam, Markos. What a beautiful scam!
You make Ralph Reed look like a rank amateur.
You are the King Pimp Scammer!

* * * * *

Until this year, I had no idea who DailyKos was. But this video gives you a good idea of what's wrong with the Moonbat-o-sphere. (Video courtesy of Expose the Left, who has more good stuff.)

That Markos has become a rock star on the Left tells you a lot about the Left, as does the fact that they consider Harry Reid an inspirational leader.

Clearly, the liberal talent pool is getting kind of shallow. I realize that Bush is no Reagan, but at least he seems semi-normal, as opposed to the weird bogusness of Reid. And if I'm casting "Kos: The Movie," I'm thinking of Bronson Pinchot for the lead ....

Iowa Voice has some fun with Dingy Harry:
“I know fighters when I see them. You're fighters," Reid said as he began a warmly received keynote speech to the YearlyKos Convention of Internet bloggers at a Las Vegas Strip resort.

You know, I don't think he could have used a worse analogy than he did right there. He's a big fan of the fights, particularly when he's getting free tickets. ...
Fight? Corruption?

My 2006 nominee for "Blog Name We All Wish We'd Thought of First":

My previous rant on Yearly Kos.

Please also see: Moonbats 0-for-Eternity, which finishes with links to some "greatest hits" about & the Moonbat fringe who, as Michelle Malkin reminds us, are actually having a tinfoil hat contest!

** UPDATE **
Atlas Shrugs finds the NYTimes clueless about YK:
The dinosaur media is owned lock, stock and barrel by the left. What's left for the liberal blogsphere is the fringiest, craziest, radicalized, far, far left. The Times really have it wrong. The left doesn't need a blogosphere. They own the media elite.
Exactly. Atlas Shrugs also has another great post where she (a) talks about meeting Ann Coulter, and (b) videoblogs her glee at the death of Zarqawi. Also in the video, Atlas Shrugs -- who has actually read the book -- explains why Coulter was criticizing the "Jersey Girls."

In some weird way, Atlas Shrugs reminds me of my wife. Or one of my wife's favorite Trace Adkins songs, anyway.

* * * * *
OMG! Atlas Shrugs links to a neo-Nazi video that's just pure, twisted evil. Or a sick joke. I cannot believe that, in 2006, anyone could be so stupid as to think they're going anywhere with that swastika/Sieg-Heil crap.

I figure the neo-Nazis have some sort of fund-raising agreement with the Left: The Nazis dress up in brownshirts and spout some childish parody of fascism; the Left uses the video to raise a few million dollars, and then tosses a percentage to the Nazis. Or maybe they've got a production deal with Michael Moore.

Considering the impossibility that any human being could take their brownshirt satire seriously, the alternative explanations dwindle to a relative handful. So the "neo-Nazis" are either:
  • (a) CIA operatives, secretly ginning up support for the war;
  • (b) GOP operatives, secretly ginning up sympathy for the Bush administration; or
  • (c) Mossad operatives, secretly ... hey, wait minute!
See? Once you get into conspiracy theories, you never know where they'll lead. But I'm still not buying the idea that those clowns in the video could be so stupid as to think Americans will ever go for their Fourth Reich fantasy. No, they're some experimental student theater group funded by an NEA grant, or extras from a touring company of "The Sound of Music." The one thing they most definitely are not is a genuine political movement.

I'm reminded of Lennon taunting the lefties of 1969:
"But if you go carrying pictures of Chairman Mao,
You ain't gonna make it with anyone, anyhow."

Which we might update thus:
"But if you say 'Sieg Heil' in a shirt that's brown,
You'll only be proving that you're a total assclown."

* * * * *
The Hotline blog finds Kos to be ideologically incoherent. Imagine that.

* * * * *
Poor Charley Hurt, trapped for a weekend with the Kossacks ... and Harry Reid:
Senate Minority Leader Harry Reid won raucous applause from a weekend gathering here of liberal bloggers for shutting down the Senate over intelligence failures in Iraq, blocking President Bush's judicial nominees and thwarting Republican efforts to reform Social Security.
There's just one problem for the two-fisted frontman of Democrat politics: Outside the convention hall, the Nevadans who sent Mr. Reid to Washington aren't quite so thrilled with the job he's doing.
A poll conducted last month for the Reno Gazette Journal found just 48 percent of Nevadans approving of the job he's doing, compared with 41 percent who disapprove.
Go read the whole thing. I mean, for crying out loud, they flew the guy to Vegas. I never get that kind of gig, and I've been in the newspaper racket for 20 years. The injustice!

* * * * * *
Speaking of injustices, poor Mike Huffingston was once married to this crazy immigrant gold-digger who screwed him over in a divorce settlement. Maybe Mike should call up Sir Paul, who also married a greedy whore. Paul could probably use some sympathy and encouragement.
* * * * * *
Jim Kouri's column about Yearly Kos is interesting:
There is a major problem, however, between so-called conservative politicians and the conservative bloggers and commentators. The problem is there is no relationship to speak of. There's no building of relationships, no cooperation and, if anything, the GOP attempts to avoid contact with the blogosphere. Why are they so slow in discovering what Democrats discovered long ago?

I believe it's because most Republican officeholders in Washington turned their backs on their conservative roots as well as the conservative movement in general. While most Americans are duped by the mainstream news media into believing that "Republican equals Conservative," the truth is the current GOP is run by its RINO-wing (Republicans In Name Only).
Interesting, but wrong.

1. The GOP's equivalent of "netroots" is talk radio. It's talk radio that's spanking the Senate amnesty sellouts. Just about everything else in the Right mediaplex -- books, magazines, Fox News, blogs -- is ancillary to talk radio. If the talk-radio listeners don't want an amnesty for illegals, woe be unto anyone who supports amnesty. People who think talk-radio hosts (or bloggers, or Fox News) call the tune for the conservative movement has it completely backwards. The listeners are leaders, not followers -- it's total small-d democracy.

2. The RINOs may think they're running the GOP, but they're sadly mistaken. Unlike the Democratic base, the GOP base is largely made up of middle-class, God-fearing folks, who don't take kindly to big-shot elitists talking down to them. You noticed that El Presidente has dropped that "jobs Americans won't do" line? Bingo.

It's true that Republican officials in Washington have an annoying tendency to "grow" leftward. It even happened to Goldwater. But the conservative base knows the real deal when they see it, and you can't fool them forever, which is why Crazy Cousin John is a non-starter for '08.

The Wall Street Journal/Weekly Standard/Chamber of Commerce axis thought it could pull a fast one with the Amnesty That Dare Not Speak Its NameTM. The talk-radio audience screamed bloody murder and brought that scam to a dead stop in the House, and any Republican who tries to revive it is a marked man.

True story: Friday, I called up an old acquaintance, a non-partisan activist guy who's given money to both Republicans and Democrats. This guy was totally torqued-up about immigration, and viciously denounced Crazy Cousin John. He was going off like Bluto in that famous scene from Animal House: "Hagel? He's a dead man! McCain? Dead!"

My acquaintance used the term "wrecking crew" to talk about what's going to happen to Sen. Mike DeWine, the Ohio Republican who voted for the McCain-Martinez Destroy America Act of 2006 and voted against drilling ANWAR.

Keep in mind, as I said, this acquaintance -- a very successful professional -- is non-partisan. But he's absolutely enraged over the two-facedness of the GOP Senate, and he'd rather elect Sherrod Brown than to see DeWine escape the consequences of his betrayal. "Wrecking crew," he said, repeating the phrase for emphasis. By God, if Brown beats DeWine, he'll know why.

So, contrary to Mr. Kouri's assertion, if the RINOs think they've "duped" the conservative base, they're going to be in for a big surprise come Nov. 7. The American people are not that stupid.


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