Saturday, June 24, 2006

I'm a blind follower

Yep, you nailed us, Hillary! We're just blindly following Bush!

Ask Justice Harriet Miers about how we all blindly follow Bush. Or maybe you should ask those 12 million illegal aliens who got amnestied because everybody in the GOP just blindly followed Bush. Ask the guys at DP World how things are going, now that they're operating so many major U.S. ports.

And please, Mrs. Clinton, won't you tell us whether any Democrats were ever blind followers of your husband? I mean, remember when Bill got oral sex from Monica while he was on the phone with a congressman talking about foreign policy? And remember when Bill perjured himself by denying that he ever had sex with Monica? And then tried to hustle her out of town to a new job at Revlon so Monica could sign an affidavist saying she was too busy to give a deposition in the federal sexual harassment suit against Bill?

I was just wondering, Mrs. Clinton, if you thought that the Democrats -- such as yourself -- who defended Bill during all of that stuff were ever blindly following the president? Because I know how important consistency is to you.