Tuesday, June 06, 2006

Kennedy gone wild

Naturally, when you do a book about Democratic sex, crime and corruption, you've got to deal with the Kennedys. Lynn became the Chappaquiddick expert, while I took on such topics as the Kennedy family's mob ties and accusations that the 1960 election was stolen in Chicago.

But this current generation -- what a bunch of nuts! RFK Jr.'s doing the tinfoil hat trip with his Ohio 2004 election conspiracy theories, and now Patrick Kennedy has decided he's black, or something:
Fresh from rehab, Rep. Patrick Kennedy said yesterday he wants to be treated like an African-American from Washington if and when he gets charged for crashing his car on Capitol Hill.
Denying that he was drunk and or that he asked the Capitol Police for preferential treatment, Kennedy, a Rhode Island congressman, said he's prepared "in terms of bookings, in terms of mug shots, fingerprints, whatever they might have me do."
"It's what anyone else would have done to them if they were an African-American in Anacostia,"
Kennedy said in a shaky voice, referring to the mostly minority neighborhood in southeastern Washington.
Later, Kennedy fretted that "there are probably people who want to throw the book at me a little more to prove that they're not treating me special."
Great. Bill Clinton was the "first black president" and now this psychological basket case has decided he's the "first black Kennedy."

Hey, Patrick: I'm certain you've going to invite everybody in Anacostia up for a weekend of yachting, right? "Sure, c'mon up to Hyannisport! Bring the whole family! We'll play touch football, goof around on the Ski-Doo, roast some weenies ...."

I want to know what the NAACP and the Nation of Islam have to say about this growing trend of liberal white Democrats who screw up and then try to play the race card in their defense. Will no one speak out against this? Bill Cosby? Chris Rock?

And what the heck is wrong with people in Rhode Island? I cannot believe that an entire state could be so lacking in political talent, or its voters so dimwitted, as to repeatedly send Patrick Kennedy to Congress.

My theory: Patrick Kennedy is profoundly aware that he is unfit for public office, and the mental strain of attempting to pretend that he is competent has driven him to substance abuse and depression. His "incidents" are a cry for help, and if he continues to get re-elected, he'll spectacularly self-destruct.

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