Tuesday, June 13, 2006

Kennedy guilty, Rove innocent

This "culture of corruption" thing just isn't working out right for the Democrats, is it?

Patrick J. Kennedy (D-U.I.) pleads guilty to driving under the influence of ... something. Papa Teddy must proud of his son: "Paddy, my boy, you walked away! You copped a plea! But you're still in Congress! You're a real Kennedy now!"

Now that the DUI circus is over, the media can get around to asking Paddy K. why he took over $30,000 from Jack Abramoff's clients, making him second only to Charles Rangel (D-N.Y.) among House Democrats on the Abramoff-related campaign cash list. (They both got even more Abramoff-connected campaign cash than "Dingy Harry" Reid, who is the first guy you think of when you hear the words "fight corruption.")

Meanwhile, proving what we knew all along -- namely, that "Plamegate" is a non-scandal about a non-secret CIA bureaucrat -- Karl Rove gets a pass from the Fitzgerald grand jury.

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Don Surber sees Rove vindicating the Bush war policy:
While Democrats have been demanding this endless debate, the American military has been out winning this war. Their commander-in-chief suffered low poll ratings to stay the course. Guess what? It worked. Look for Republican gains in both houses in November. ...
We wrote a history of Democratic Party corruption. But if they lose against in November, the Democrats will just be ... history. I mean it.

After getting their hopes so high for three consecutive elections ('02, '04 and now '06), and the Moonbats taking the party so far leftward, the Democrats might actually fall apart after another crushing defeat in November.

In '08, you may see Howard Dean or another Democrat run a Soros/Kossack-funded anti-war independent campaign against Democrat Hillary -- who got booed today at the Moonbat America conference -- and the GOP nominee. And when the Democrat split boosts the Republicans to yet another huge victory ... well, that could be the end for the Dems.


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