Tuesday, June 27, 2006

Kerry: Bush "sneaking into St. Louis"

This is the fundraising letter sent out by John Kerry today at noon:
President Bush will be sneaking into St. Louis tomorrow to raise money for Republican Senator Jim Talent. If it's like most GOP fundraising featuring Bush and Cheney these days, it will be a "cut and run" affair.

Republican candidates ask high dollar supporters (tomorrow's event is at the Ritz-Carlton) to cut big checks before they run from being caught in the public eye with the President or Vice President.

We're going to greet this latest fast and furious Bush fundraising foray with a spirited, out-in-the-open grassroots campaign before midnight June 30th to support three Democrats locked in tight Senate races.

Contribute today: a Democratic Senate starts with these three races

Today, we're raising money for Claire McCaskill, who is running for the Senate in the Missouri race that President Bush will be personally trying to influence tomorrow.

An impressive campaigner who is eager to come to the Senate to fight for Missouri's families, Claire has just the right mixture of common sense and uncommon wisdom to help turn around the failed policies that Bush is hoping to disguise with his high-powered fundraising blitz.

We're also working to help leading House Democrat Sherrod Brown in his race against GOP incumbent Mike DeWine whom Karl Rove praised as "a loyal stalwart." Recently, DeWine scored a trifecta -- avoiding President Bush three times when he appeared in Ohio: skipping a health care event, a speech on Iraq, and even refusing to meet Bush at the airport when he came to Indian Hills to raise $1.1 million for DeWine's reelection campaign.

We can win this critical Ohio race if you give Sherrod Brown the immediate support he needs to press back against the GOP money machine.

Contribute today: a Democratic Senate starts with these three races

The third candidate on our list is a Senator who has stood with me to protect the environment and save the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge: Maria Cantwell.

President Bush and Vice President Cheney have both already traveled to Washington to raise hundreds of thousands of dollars for Maria's opponent, Mike McGavick, and for the Washington state Republican party. Not that McGavick needs any help: he received $28 million from his former employer, Safeco Insurance Company, this year after just two months of work.

We're acting today to even the odds by lending Maria Cantwell the kind of grassroots support called for by her strong unflinching record on so many crucial issues of the day.

Contribute today: a Democratic Senate starts with these three races

The June 30th mid-year federal election reports, reflecting fundraising success to date, will be especially critical. That's why I am asking you to rush generous donations, if possible, to all three of these candidates who are in deadlocked races. Maria Cantwell and I need strong Democrats like Sherrod Brown and Claire McCaskill to join us in the Senate and replace rubber-stamp Republican incumbents Mike DeWine and Jim Talent.

Let's show people that we mean business when it comes to standing up for the candidates we believe in -- and standing up to the desperate barrage of Bush-Cheney fundraising now under way.

I urge you to act before we reach this critical deadline.

John Kerry
And now, the facts:
Democrats: John Kerry is a loser. Whatever he tells you to do, always do the opposite.

By the way, isn't it nice of the profitably married Mr. Heinz-Kerry to play the class-warfare card by talking about GOP "high dollar supporters"?

Cantwell doesn't need your money: With $8.6 million in campaign cash, she's the 4th leading Senator in 2006 fund-raising. Besides, she's a millionaire, with a personal net worth of $1.3 million, after spending $10 million of her own money to buy that seat in 2006.