Thursday, June 29, 2006

Kos: $832,000 a year

Ad on DailyKos: $2,000/week
x 8 advertising positions: $16,000/week
x 52 weeks:

Being a hero to the "progressive netroots community"?


Chris Bowers has gotten tired of picking cotton for the Man:
"[P]rogressive organizations view their supporters as people to be exploited ..."
Which immediately got some attention:
I'm trying not to be cynical here, but the quid pro quo in the preceding statement should be obvious to even the most fervent Kossack: Pay up if you expect us to shut up when you screw up.
Today I called Lynn to tell her about it, and Lynn -- who recently co-authored an amazing true story about what W.E.B. DuBois called "Debt Peonage" -- called the Kos system "cyber-sharecropping on the digital plantation": Bowers has been pickin' cotton for the Man, and he's gettin' mighty tired of livin' in a dirt-floor shack while Jerome and Markos are getting a six-figure ad revenue up there at the Big House.

I'm thinking the Army of Photoshoppers needs to get to work on this!

* * * * *
Since Democrats aren't so good with math, I will point out that $2,000 a week translates to $104,000 a year. So, each ad spot on DailyKos is worth a six-figure sum annually.

And what does a DailyKos advertiser get for that money?

Well, if the advertiser is Jon Tester ...
Like Chris Bowers said, it's all about supporting the progressive blogosphere.

* * * * *
Here is the Moulitsas worldview in a nutshell:
Both Iowa and NH expect largess and money, lots of money, from the candidates vying to compete in those two contests. It's a financial racket that would disappear overnight if other states muscled ahead of them.
Moulitsas -- a "progressive activist" whose paranoia is obvious -- is part of a scam operation. Therefore, to relieve the cognitive dissonance:
Everybody's scamming!
Entire states are guilty of scamming!

Does the word "projection" ring a bell?

"It's a financial racket" -- yeah, at $832,000 a year, Kos knows all about that.

* * * * *
Remember when I posted about "Erin in Flagstaff," one of the ultimate losers who attended YearlyKos? Some people thought I was being mean-spirited. But what share of the $832,000 revenue stream does Erin get at her blog? Hmmm?

Erin describes herself as "Kos-addicted ... working hard for the Democratic Party and the DFA."

Great for you, Erin. What do you get paid by Democrats and DFA? How much of that $832,000 annual ad revenue stream does Kos pocket after paying his (tax-deductible) expenses?