Friday, June 30, 2006

Kos: Let's pick a loser!

This is getting ridiculous. A wealthy Chicago suburb with a median household income over $70,000. Yeah, says Kos, they're ready for a mapchanger!

So, let's pick up the National Journal almanac and read the biography of the Republican incumbent, Rep. Mark Kirk: A friendly-looking 46-year-old with an exquisitely sophisticated resume. Educated at Universidad Nacional Autonoma de Mexico, Cornell, London School of Economics, Georgetown Law, a former aide in the British House of Commons (!), World Bank, congressional staffer, State Department, 17 years in the Navy Reserve ....

What you see, in other words, is a razor-sharp candidate, a guy with exactly the profile to represent an upscale suburban district like this, full of high-achieving professionals like himself. He's paying lots of attention to district issues, he's got key committee assignments and he's sitting on $1.3 million campaign cash.

And Kos (gross annual ad revenue, $832,000) is pumping the Democratic challenger -- a former Clinton aide -- urging other people to volunteer for this hopeless campaign. Like this Republican, an impeccably trained public-policy operative, is just going to roll over. Like the Republican Party's donors can't double or triple anything the "netroots community" can raise. Like a massive uprising of anti-war sentiment is going to cause these upscale suburbanites to vote out a local congressman who (so far as is known) has no negatives, no baggage, no real liabilities except (in the eyes of the Kossacks) that he's a Republican.

Well, anything can happen, but I just don't see a smart Republican guy like Mark Kirk getting rolled by a left-wing Democrat running his first-ever campaign. And the fact that this is one of the "key races" targeted by Kos gives you a good idea of just what dim prospects the Democrats have for '06.