Wednesday, June 21, 2006

Ko$sola/JeromeGate: Pandemic!

The Moulitsas/Armstrong "blogola" scandal went "viral" on Tuesday, June 20. With a big boost from TNR's Jason Zengerle (see also here), it mushroomed into a pandemic Wednesday, June 21. Chris Suellentrop was the Patient Zero of this outbreak, the blogosphere was the dimly-lit bath house, and ...

OK, I've exhausted my Randy Shilts vocabulary. Let's go back to the Moonbat Mafia punfest. .... Before La Blogga Nostra breaks my kneecaps, let me make a request of my fellow "wingnut bloggers":


Dan Riehl's getting the job done. Dan has done yeoman's work exposing the Corzine connection and Armstrong's $160K SEIU contract. While bloggers' jokes and comments and questions are welcomed, we need more data on the client list of Armstrong's Political Technologies LLC.

There is a way you can use Political Moneyline to "List Disbursement Payees." But that's a "FECInfoPro user" function, which you've got to pay for. So if somebody wants to pay for that and get a complete list of Armstrong's consulting clients, there would be the possibility of comparing the list to the Kos Kremlin's party line, you see?

If DailyKos has shown the same pattern with other Political Technologies clients that has been shown with Sherrod Brown and Mark Warner, you win the cigar.

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I don't know who "Buckeye State Blog" is, but ... huge props, dude. My wife's family is from Ohio, and next time I get over there, the beers are on me, OK?

Check out Buckeye's post about the Ko$ola scandal:

If you read any of the big box blogs regularly you will notice the incestuous cross linking between them, and very few links by comparison to outsiders. This I believe has directly caused the liberal blog network to have a few mammoth blogs at the top and many many more tiny blogs struggling. Whereas on the right the big blogs aren't so big, but there are a far larger number of medium sized blogs - creating a more effective and deeply penetrating noise machine by comparison.

The fact that someone in the Townhouse network chose to leak this damning information should be applauded, and the big box bloggers really should write honestly about this issue or risk damaging not only their own credibility but those of us who haven't swallowed the bulls***.

Very good, and exactly right, sir! "BuckeyeState" is a sincere, committed, liberal Democrat, and yet he sees through the bovine excrement "swallowed" by so many of his fellow true believers. When BuckeyeState, a former Kossack, smelled a rat in Kos' Hackett-Brown flipflop, he didn't hesitate to point it out (and follow up).

If those he calls the "big box blogs" are crooked, then it's Democrats who will suffer most, just like Republicans suffered most from Jack Abramoff's corruption. (Well, OK, Gus Boulis actually suffered the most, but you get the point.)

Remember, it wasn't a Democrat who blew the whistle on Abramoff, it was a GOP girl named Emily J. Miller.

So here's a bipartisan salute -- from a wingnut to a moonbat, with a promise of beers -- to BuckeyeState, a blogger with integrity!

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On the other hand ... is it possible to OD on Kool-Aid? I speak, dear friends, of Stirling Newberry's unhinged, paranoid rant:
In a world that has bequeathed him many names, Joe Lieberman's supporters today added another - Libelman. Libel is a fairly clear bright line, something must be willfully false, and with the intent to defame. After spinning conspiracy theories about Jerome Armstrong and Markos Moulitas-Zuniga, the Nasty Republicans step up to the plate and follow on with outright libel.
This current tirade from the establishment wing of the Democratic Party is not coincidental - Jerome and Markos now have real power, and more over, there is a real schism within the establishment over Joe Lieberman. Well, the Liebermanites have sunk to the challenge.
Put down that laptop, Mr. Newberry.
Now -- slowly -- step away from the Kool-Aid.

Chris Suellentrop raised questions about the Armstrong-Moulitas axis in January 2005, before anybody ever heard of Ned Lamont, OK? And the possibility that the No. 1 political site in the entire blogosphere has been scamming is a such a huge story, any reporter with any news sense at all would be chasing it.

So before you go blaming "Liebermanites," you might as well get it over with and say this was a Mossad plot -- or perhaps the work of the Bavarian Illuminati.

It is well known that a certain number of people see politics as a get-rich-quick opportunity. Some of the quick-buck artists are political consultants. It's a bipartisan problem and it's been going on for years.

Let me just put it to you this way, Mr. Newberry: There are McMansions in Virginia horse country and beach houses dotting the Atlantic shore that were paid for with cash siphoned out of losing GOP campaigns. Nothing illegal, necessarily, but crooked enough to make you sick. Loyal contributors give their hard-earned money to the campaigns, hardworking staffers and volunteers toil endlessly, and a dozen or so highly-placed consultants get rich by providing bad advice.

Any old hand in Washington can tell you these stories about cyncial, manipulative operators who made the Big Score and walked away rich. Since I just got through co-authoring a book about Democratic Party corruption, I understand that Democrats have their fair share of cynical manipulators. So I certainly was not surprised by Suellentrop's suggestion that GenX Democrats are trying to cash in, just like some Baby Boomer Republicans have cashed in.

Trying to play the "partisan smear" card -- or bizarrely blaming "Liebermanites" -- will not detract from the newsworthiness of the Ko$ola/JeromeGate story. The story will stand or fall on the basis of facts, not politics.

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More Kool-Aid tripping from Sean Paul Kelley:
Why is a liberal publication purposefully trying to destroy an icon of progressive politics ...?
New land speed record: Zero-to-"icon" in 5 years!

As recently as 1999 -- and, according to Dan Riehl, perhaps more recently than that -- Jerome Armstrong was (allegedly) touting worthless dot-com stocks. He hooks on with Howard Dean in 2003. Now it's 2006, and Armstrong's "an icon of progressive politics"?

Sort of a Gresham's Law of progressive iconography, I suppose. So many icons, so little progress ...

But has anybody considered the bizarre contradictions of Armstrong's bio?
He served the Peace Corps in Sierra Leone and Costa Rica, and even spent a year and a half meditating in Buddhist monasteries. ... Jerome, originally from Los Angeles, went to school abroad before graduating with a couple of masters from Portland State in Oregon. ...
Idealist. Zen devotee. Scholar ... Dot-com hustler?

What's wrong with this picture, folks? Is this one of those things like Paul "Jersey Boy" Begala claiming to be a downhome Texas good ol' boy? There is something disturbingly strange about this.
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And the final word goes to 37921, a commenter at Althouse:
[M]aybe it explains why Kos is always accusing conservative bloggers of taking marching orders from Karl Rove. He thinks that's the way the world works.
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