Friday, June 30, 2006

Mark Warner's Holiday Horoscope

Dan Riehl has exclusive photos of strategic planning sessions at the Warner '08 campaign headquarters.

You know, if the "icon of progressive politics" wanted to destroy the presidential prospects of the fair-haired boy of the "Lieberman-worshipping neocon" crowd at the DLC ... this might just do the trick!

Or maybe this. Or perhaps this will do the trick.

* * * * *
Speaking of tricks, what's our old friend Duncan "Atrios" Black been up to lately? Googling for dirt to smear Rod Dreher, maybe ... but never mind. Inside joke.

Dreher, the author of "Crunchy Cons," knows that my playful (and in some ways, nakedly envious) review of his Buddhist economics was meant in the gentle spirit of love and kindness, for which my hero Ned Flanders is so well known.

Go thou and sin no more, Rod. Because the wages of sin is ... $832,000 a year.

Just like Marko Moulitsas and Jerome Armstrong, I'm all about ethics:Independence Day means freedom and ...
(Well, at least on chapter's free ....)

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Well, I've got to do a bit of real work before leaving town. Given the ethical meltdown in the "progressive blogosphere," who can I trust to keep you informed while I'm away? Ah, yes! That dead-tree dinosaur, the man who put the "old" back in Old School, that "proud member of the MSM," ladies and gentlemen, he needs no introduction ....

Don Surber!
And the crowd goes wild ...

¡Va La Argentina!

And finally, since I'm about to skip out for a long 4th of July weekend, I will leave you with a thing of beauty: Right-Wing Howler's "Chick of the Week."